Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Happy Happy!

Oh my goodness it's been so long since I've posted! Lots going on and a bit to share.

First there's this:

This is one of a pair, yes I did finish them both, for my darling soon to be (I hope!) niece-in-law. That may be the longest family title ever. Deb came down recently and picked out a lovely skein of pink yarn and asked me to knit her up a pair of socks. I was more than happy to oblige. I love this girl so much I'd make her a dozen pair. Whenever she comes to visit with my nephew and their gorgeous baby girl we have such a great time. Shopping, lunch out, movies, playgrounds and all the fun stuff NYC has to offer a few girls on a day out. I can't wait for them to come soon so we can take Giada, their daughter, to see Santa! I'm probably going to be more excited than she will be! Although I have to say her great Uncle Glenn may sneak her out on his own for a trip to Macy's. They've got such a cute love for each other and it's so fun to see them together. She makes my husband wish we had girls. Yeah he's got it bad.

Ok back to the socks. They're Shur'tugal by Alice Yu and they're a free Ravelry download. These are great because they're easy to knit but look complex. I think this is the third or fourth time I've knit these and I'm sure not the last.

I made a couple of other things lately. One was a Wurm hat for my sister for her birthday. I was so happy she liked it. She liked it so much, she put it on and wore it all Thanksgiving evening.

I also knit up a Color Affection. I was so happy to have this done. I blocked it immediately then picked it up and noticed a problem. It was crooked. I don't know how, I don't know why. I do know I frogged the whole damn thing and it's in a bag having a time out for now.

I've been getting lovely notes and inquiries as to my cancer treatment. I'm happy to report that after a second lumpectomy I am now cancer free! I start radiation in a few weeks and then I have to be on medication for the next five years. Not a big deal compared to how bad it could have been. Thank you all so much for your well wishes and prayers.

Now I have some serious Christmas knitting to catch up on. Oy.

Monday, November 12, 2012


I recently became reacquainted with an old friend of mine, Brigit. She and I hadn't seen each other in quite some time so it was great fun to see her again. I told her about my knitting obsession and she said she liked to knit too! She hadn't knit in a long while and was interested in picking it up again. I told her about sock knitting and she thought she'd love it. I gave her some yarn and a set of double pointed needles and picked out a pattern for her. She had some experience so I wanted to give her something that wouldn't bore her but something not too difficult. I figured Hermione's Every Day Socks by Erica Lueder would fit the bill. Boy did they! Here's Brigit's first sock:

Isn't it great? She was so happy when it was done that she whipped off her shoe and sock and put it right on. Perfect fit! I had seen something she knit before and knew she was a good knitter but she's picking up new things at an amazing rate. She needed minimal help and she got this done in no time. She had to rip it down a couple of times in the beginning but I think that was just because she was a bit rusty. Once she got the hang of it she was knitting like a champ. I'm really impressed with how quickly she picked it up. Sock knitting is a bit different than knitting a scarf or sweater but you'd never know it watching Brigit knit this sock. And the best part of all is that she loves knitting socks! It's great to find someone you really like who also loves to do something you like to do. She really has a love for this and you can see the joy in her face when she's knitting. We've been meeting at our new local coffee shop to knit together. One day we were there for five hours! They may start charging us rent.

This weekend we went to Purl Soho so Brigit could get some yarn and needles. She's got a few knitting projects in mind for Christmas presents including three pairs of socks. At first I didn't think she'd be able to finish the socks before Christmas but now I'm thinking she'll get it done without a problem! She picked out some gorgeous yarns and a few sets of needles and then we went knitting.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wanna Help?

Maria, of Subway Knits, is having a give away of amazing, delicious knitting goods to anyone who will donate to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Please go here and have a look at what she's got to give away. Lots of donations from generous knitting folk. Yarns, project bags, gift cards are just a few of the things you can find here. Just a small donation will get you an entry. Also please blog or Tweet about this. The more people who hear about it, the more money will be raised.

Oh Sandy Baby

We have lights!

I'm sure you've seen what happened this past week in New York City, and other parts of the East, because of Sandy. We were in the blackout zone. From 40th Street to the lower end of Manhattan, there was no electricity. Glenn is up at school and was just effected by a rain storm. The day after the storm, Patrick's best friend, who had electric, invited him to stay until everything was back to normal. We drove him out to Queens, which was a little scary since it was dark and there were no traffic lights part of the way. I have to say, everyone on the road was slow and cautious so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. It was comforting to know that he'd be clean, well fed and entertained and wouldn't have to do without anything while at his friend's house.

We were very lucky because none of our friends or family were hurt or lost anything. My neighbor, and knitting buddy, Nicole came over to knit. Her concern was her fish. She's got a huge salt water tank that needs heat and aeration. She had a back up battery that would last a while but had to figure out beyond the first thirty six hours. In the meantime she came over to knit during the day and in the evening my sister and brother in law joined us for merry making. We felt so lucky that we were only out electricity. We had a lot of fun believe it or not! Each night one of us provided food and we all brought beer and wine. Glenn rigged something for Nicole's tank and our goal was to get all the fish through the blackout. Glenn was also working the whole time since he's the resident manager of our building. He was making sure everyone here was safe and had what they needed to get through the worst of it.

Yesterday we got word that the electric was going to be on by midnight. We had pizza and wine and when the lights started coming on in the city at 6pm we got anxious for our lights to come on too. At 7pm everything in the apartment lit up and we started cheering! People in the street and other buildings were yelling and cheering along with us! We were all safe and all the fish came through unscathed! We had, if you can call it this, a successful blackout. Nicole told us she was on her fish forum and everyone in the blackout zone lost all their fish. She was the only one whose fish survived.

There were so many other things that happened not only with us but with others. The college kids who came in from Brooklyn, who had power, with a solar panel and thirty different plugs for phones and let people charge their phones for free. The neighbors who checked on the elderly in their buildings to make sure they were safe and had necessities. The city workers, NYPD, FDNY, EMS, Sanitation, who worked constantly to make sure we were all safe and healthy. The store owners who opened their stores during daylight hours, with no power, and sold water, batteries and flashlights. I can't name them all there were just too many good people working very hard for one another.

Once again, New Yorkers have proven we are a resilient caring people. Anything thrown at us we can take and not only survive but thrive because we all come together and help one another.

They're saying a noreaster is heading our way. I just hope I can get a shower in before it hits us.