Thursday, July 26, 2012


There's nothing better than getting a gift you really like. Something that suits you. Something that the gift giver has really put thought into to make sure that the recipient likes it a lot. It's surprising when you get a gift from someone who doesn't really know you and it's one of those great gifts. That happened to me when I met Rich at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Show.

We were Twitter friends and decided to meet up at MDSW. Rich was nice enough to bring along a gift for me. It was a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. sock yarn in a lovely pink color called Victorian Village. I mean come on...yarn, sock yarn, pink sock yarn? This man knows what I like!

It's almost too lovely to make socks out of but I found a pattern worthy of them. I'll post photos when they're all done which will hopefully be soon.

Rich and I were supposed to go to Rhinebeck together but plans got changed so he's going to come visit in September and we're going to do a mini yarn crawl! I can't wait, we're going to have so much fun.

I just wanted to say thank you to Rich for paying attention and getting me something I really do love and appreciate. See you soon, honey!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shopping In Brooklyn

Glenn went out golfing on Saturday so when he woke up Sunday he asked me "Would you like me to take you yarn shopping today?" Is he not the best? He asked if I'd like to go to the Upper West Side because there are a couple of shops there I haven't yet been to but I figured if we were using the car, I was going to Brooklyn.

I wanted to check out the Argyle Yarn Shop which is a new shop right by Prospect Park and on our way we ran into the Prospect Park Food Truck Rally which only takes place once a month. How lucky can one girl be?? We stopped and had a killer sandwich from Gorilla Cheese and got some tacos and kim chi from the Taco Kim Chi truck. Those were only two of among about twenty trucks that were there. It was so hard to choose!

Ok back to yarn.

The Argyle Shop was a lovely shop. They had a nice selection of fingering weights including Madeleine Tosh & Shibui. I managed to choose a gorgeous skein of Tosh Merino Light in Byzantine and a set of Knitters Pride Cubics which are a squared needle that I wanted to try. The owners were very nice and I wish them the best of luck with this new shop.

Then we were on to my favorite Brooklyn General! Heather was there and she was sweet and helpful as usual. I snagged a few skeins of O-Wool which was on sale 50% off. Yay! I also got a skein of Madeline Tosh DK in Bloomsbury. Everything in blue. I got the Bloomsbury to make the Godric's Hollow hat for myself. I'm a sucker for a Harry Potter knit!

I also finished something! When my sister was here she picked out a yarn she liked which was a yellow Cascade Heritage yarn. I decided to do the Petunia Dursley's socks but made them anklets instead of mid-calf. Finished these in three days.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Love and Lust

I know it's funny to think of either love or lust when talking about knitting but I think that it can be applied here.

Of course, I love knitting. Otherwise I wouldn't do it. I fell in love with knitting by Stumbling Upon Jen's blog, Knitting Like Crazy. I was using the Stumble Upon application and came across Jen's blog which featured knitted socks. I saw those and fell in love. It really changed my life. That day Glenn & I found a knitting shop near us and we purchased yarn & needles. Of course my first project was a scarf. Isn't everyone's? Over time I went from a simple garter scarf to a Seaman's Scarf to a striped scarf then graduated to hats. I knew that I couldn't simply pick up a set of dpns and start knitting socks so I slowly made my way to it. Within a year, I was knitting socks. From the first sock I made I've always loved socks. Granted, occasionally I'll make a hat or gloves when a need arises but it always comes back to socks for me. I consider myself a sock knitter or I did until recently.

Ravelry has an option where you can see "What's Hot" and look at all the patterns that are being downloaded and purchased. I look at those once in a while to find new sock patterns. Recently I came across the Aestlight Shawl and fell in lust. I really wanted this shawl so obviously I had to step out of my comfort zone and make it for myself. I'm lucky because I have Allyson who is my knitting godmother so if I hit a bump in the road, I'd have her to help me through it. I decided to try another, easier shawl first and did the Sansi Shawl as a dry run for the big show. I did the Sansi and loved making it. It was really a great way to start shawl knitting and it was gorgeous. I moved onto the Aestlight and though I had a problem, which was totally me not the pattern, I was now a shawl fan and a shawl wearer which I never thought I would be. I love that both items can be made with the same yarn weight so it's easy to pull from my stash, which is almost exclusively sock yarn, and whip up a shawl. I knew there must be more people out there with a love/lust sock/shawl thing going on so I started my Shawls & Socks group on Ravelry.

Socks will always be my knitting love but once in a while I see a shawl I lust after so I whip out my circs and cast on.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


No not Pirate Day just frustration.

I started a shawl and got most of the way through it unscathed. Then I botched it. Not just a bit but royally. I don't know why I have not yet learned to read a pattern thoroughly to make sure I understand it and I'm capable of completing it. I had hit a point where I had a question, so I put it aside until I saw Allyson. Al showed me the problem, which was something with the pattern, and I continued. Then I got it home and just couldn't complete it. My count came out wrong at the end of every row so either the pattern is wrong or I can't count. I'm thinking it's the latter. I ripped down about a week's worth of work and I'm not happy about it. A friend of mine did the same thing with the same pattern. Apparently she can't count either.

I just started Michele Bernstein's Pacific Shawl. Michele had published this pattern and she donated 100% of online sales of it to the Red Cross for Japan earthquake/tsunami emergency relief for a limited time. I bought this even though I had no intentions, at the time, of knitting shawls. Little did I know I would be making this for someone I love. I'm using Sunset Stitches yarn in, love this, Potions Mater colorway! It's a lovely green & blue variegated yarn and I'm sure the intended recipient of the shawl will love it.

My sister left to go home to Florida and she took my son, Glenn, with her. That was her graduation present to him. The rest of us will be joining them at the end of July for a three week vacation. Can't wait to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Till then I'll be working on my shawls & socks.

Hope you're keeping cool and having a great summer!

ETA - It's not the Pacific Shawl that I had a problem with, it was another shawl. The Pacific Shawl has been a dream to knit up! Sorry if I wasn't clear about that!