Saturday, November 3, 2012

Oh Sandy Baby

We have lights!

I'm sure you've seen what happened this past week in New York City, and other parts of the East, because of Sandy. We were in the blackout zone. From 40th Street to the lower end of Manhattan, there was no electricity. Glenn is up at school and was just effected by a rain storm. The day after the storm, Patrick's best friend, who had electric, invited him to stay until everything was back to normal. We drove him out to Queens, which was a little scary since it was dark and there were no traffic lights part of the way. I have to say, everyone on the road was slow and cautious so it wasn't as bad as it sounds. It was comforting to know that he'd be clean, well fed and entertained and wouldn't have to do without anything while at his friend's house.

We were very lucky because none of our friends or family were hurt or lost anything. My neighbor, and knitting buddy, Nicole came over to knit. Her concern was her fish. She's got a huge salt water tank that needs heat and aeration. She had a back up battery that would last a while but had to figure out beyond the first thirty six hours. In the meantime she came over to knit during the day and in the evening my sister and brother in law joined us for merry making. We felt so lucky that we were only out electricity. We had a lot of fun believe it or not! Each night one of us provided food and we all brought beer and wine. Glenn rigged something for Nicole's tank and our goal was to get all the fish through the blackout. Glenn was also working the whole time since he's the resident manager of our building. He was making sure everyone here was safe and had what they needed to get through the worst of it.

Yesterday we got word that the electric was going to be on by midnight. We had pizza and wine and when the lights started coming on in the city at 6pm we got anxious for our lights to come on too. At 7pm everything in the apartment lit up and we started cheering! People in the street and other buildings were yelling and cheering along with us! We were all safe and all the fish came through unscathed! We had, if you can call it this, a successful blackout. Nicole told us she was on her fish forum and everyone in the blackout zone lost all their fish. She was the only one whose fish survived.

There were so many other things that happened not only with us but with others. The college kids who came in from Brooklyn, who had power, with a solar panel and thirty different plugs for phones and let people charge their phones for free. The neighbors who checked on the elderly in their buildings to make sure they were safe and had necessities. The city workers, NYPD, FDNY, EMS, Sanitation, who worked constantly to make sure we were all safe and healthy. The store owners who opened their stores during daylight hours, with no power, and sold water, batteries and flashlights. I can't name them all there were just too many good people working very hard for one another.

Once again, New Yorkers have proven we are a resilient caring people. Anything thrown at us we can take and not only survive but thrive because we all come together and help one another.

They're saying a noreaster is heading our way. I just hope I can get a shower in before it hits us.

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sueb said...

As someone from South Dakota we can only imagine what it must be like. We have our share of blizzard worries but nothing compares to the problems your having. Our prayers are with you at this time! Knit on!

Debbie said...

SO glad to know that you have power again.

Sarah said...

So glad you made it through ok! I feel SO LUCKY to not have lost power. But we're tough New Yorkers, this is nothing!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

So glad you're ok. I love when people work together to make do. I love the solar panel idea!

And in a strange way, it's nice to not have our electronic distractions, for just a little while. Sounds like you made the most of it!

Kate B said...

Hang in there through the Nor'easter. It won't be as bad as Sandy. I just feel for the people in Jersey and the Rockaways,Breezy Point and Staten Island who were hit so bad and are still in such bad shape.