Monday, November 12, 2012


I recently became reacquainted with an old friend of mine, Brigit. She and I hadn't seen each other in quite some time so it was great fun to see her again. I told her about my knitting obsession and she said she liked to knit too! She hadn't knit in a long while and was interested in picking it up again. I told her about sock knitting and she thought she'd love it. I gave her some yarn and a set of double pointed needles and picked out a pattern for her. She had some experience so I wanted to give her something that wouldn't bore her but something not too difficult. I figured Hermione's Every Day Socks by Erica Lueder would fit the bill. Boy did they! Here's Brigit's first sock:

Isn't it great? She was so happy when it was done that she whipped off her shoe and sock and put it right on. Perfect fit! I had seen something she knit before and knew she was a good knitter but she's picking up new things at an amazing rate. She needed minimal help and she got this done in no time. She had to rip it down a couple of times in the beginning but I think that was just because she was a bit rusty. Once she got the hang of it she was knitting like a champ. I'm really impressed with how quickly she picked it up. Sock knitting is a bit different than knitting a scarf or sweater but you'd never know it watching Brigit knit this sock. And the best part of all is that she loves knitting socks! It's great to find someone you really like who also loves to do something you like to do. She really has a love for this and you can see the joy in her face when she's knitting. We've been meeting at our new local coffee shop to knit together. One day we were there for five hours! They may start charging us rent.

This weekend we went to Purl Soho so Brigit could get some yarn and needles. She's got a few knitting projects in mind for Christmas presents including three pairs of socks. At first I didn't think she'd be able to finish the socks before Christmas but now I'm thinking she'll get it done without a problem! She picked out some gorgeous yarns and a few sets of needles and then we went knitting.

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