Sunday, September 16, 2012

Knitting Friends

Rich and I have been Tweeting together for the last couple of years. We had the opportunity to meet this past Spring at The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival and had a really lovely time together. I invited Rich to come up for Rhinebeck but he's too busy. Our solution? A mini-yarn crawl here in NYC when he was available and he was available this weekend!

I wanted to make sure he got a good taste on NYC yarn shops so I picked three very different shops all of which carry great yarns. We started at Seaport Yarns where Andrea has a great selection of all kinds of yarns. This is what I purchased there:

Gorge, no? It's Malabrigo Sock in the color Playa. I've used this yarn before and really like it. I think this may become a hat. Or socks. Things never turn out to be what I think they're going to be!

Next we were on to Purl Soho. This place is really just stunning looking. The only thing that was difficult is that it was so crowded not that it stopped us from looking around and making purchases! Here ya go:

It's MadelineTosh, Tosh Merino Light, in WellWater. Love the hues in this yarn!

Then we went to check out The Art of Knit by Benetton. There was a lot of art around the space, it's a pop up store in Soho, and all the pieces were knit. Scarves, bags, sweaters, gloves, dresses they really had everything. Some of the stuff was really nice and I would have thought it was hand knit but Rich took a good look and said, as nice as it was, you could tell it was machine made. If you're in the neighborhood, I'd recommend going to take a look. It won't be around forever and it's definitely fun.

By this time we were pooped and headed home. Out to dinner then early to bed. Then today we decided to head out to Brooklyn for the day. Instead of doing a yarn crawl we headed to my favorite Brooklyn shop, Brooklyn General, to hang out and knit for a bit.
We had a great afternoon there with Heather. Of course we did a little damage:

It's MadelineTosh, Tosh Merino Light in Rosewood. It's such a lovely color in a real wood look. It's the only non-blue color I've purchased in ages.

Rich is working on some of his own designs which you have to check out. I was so happy that he wore some of his socks because they photos just do not do them justice. I've linked his blog, above, so you an check out his designs. You can also find him on Ravelry and get his designs for free! His socks remind me very much of Cookie A's designs in that they're stunning, textured and really very unisex. Having a house full of guys I love this! I'm so glad Rich came to visit! We had a great time together and I can't wait till we can do it again.

Ok we walked, shopped and knit our arses off so I'm outtie. I need a good night's sleep!

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