Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nothing Eggs

When Bean, my niece, was little, I once asked her "What's shakin', bacon?" and her response, after a bit of thought was, "Nothin' eggs!" Very cute and totally what's shakin here.

It's been a quiet and sick week. First Patrick, then me and now my husband have all come down with a flu-like sickness. I'm just waiting for Glenn to get it. We've been in bed with the shakes and shivers so not much knitting has been done.

I hope to be back with my regularly scheduled knitting and blogging soon. Oh and a word of advice. Stay away from kids. They have cooties.

Monday, January 17, 2011


That would be me.

I know I've extolled the virtues of the Kindle on my blog a number of times but I've become a traitor to my Kindle. I've found a new love and I'm going to tell you about it.

It's a Nook Color and I just got it today.

I really was perfectly satisfied with my Kindle until I saw this. It's more than an ereader though, it's more a cross between an iPad and a Kindle. It's primarily for reading but you can put pdfs on it and they look gorgeous. And what's on pdfs? Why knitting patterns of course! I used to send my patterns to my Kindle and they'd be fine but they were in black and white, they were no longer a pdf and sometimes it wouldn't "read" the charts for the patterns. With the Nook, it remains a pdf and it looks as if you're looking at the pattern on a computer screen. I also have some books in pdf format which, when sent to my Kindle, distort. Now on the Nook they're just perfect.

There are some things I'd rather it didn't have like a back light. I really do like the eInk that the Kindle uses. Also, Kindle uses Whispernet, which is like a cell phone program and it's free, and you need WiFi for the Nook.

I guess it's just a matter of what's important for you. I really feel like these are two totally different beasts. The Kindle is solely an ereader and the Nook is more like a mini iPad.

The Kindle won't go to waste. Patrick is the happy recipient. First thing he did was delete everything. The second thing he did was download Gulliver's Travels. It's a win/win.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Hidden Stairways

Been working on my Hidden Stairways socks and finally finished them. They're a Harry Potter inspired knit. Surprised? I didn't think so. They're a great reminder of the moving staircases throughout Hogwarts. I did them with Cascade Heritage Paints and I really like them.

Gonna share something with you but you can't laugh. I thought this yarn was black and red but it turned out to be blue and red. There are even bits of purple where the blue and red overlap. I love it! Hope Beana loves them to because I made them for her.

Today I cast on a Dublin Beanie for Glenn. He's very much of a mind that he knows what he likes so this is the fifth or sixth beanie for him. I'm gonna change it up a bit on him and do a 6x2 ribbing on the body of the hat. He's gotta live a little!

Just finished Stephen King's Full Dark, No Stars and thoroughly enjoyed it. He really is the master of fright. You think that there will be monsters but it turns out that the people themselves are the worst monsters of all. And then I have to sleep with the lights on.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Holy Grail

There seems to be a yarn that is considered the Holy Grail of yarns. It's elusive and a bit on the expensive side. I've seen it for sale in the destash group on Ravelry many times but the price just seemed a lot more than any other yarns. Until last week. Someone was selling it for significantly less than what I'd ever seen it sold for before and I just couldn't resist. I give you Wollmeise!

Of course the pictures don't do this yarn justice. The color is very rich and vibrant looking, the yarn is soft. I really like it a lot but think this may be too nice to make into a pair of socks. It looks like I'll be doing my first lace project this year.

I've done an awful lot of acquiring this past week and now I have to do a lot of knitting. I'm working on a pair of socks, surprised?, for my niece Bean. They're called Hidden Stairways and they're another Harry Potter inspired pattern, named after the many hidden places in the JK Rowling books. It's a gansey knit, with just knits and purls and they're coming out quite well. Next I'll be looking for a simple hat pattern to make for Glenn with the Dream in Color I got last week.

Monday, January 10, 2011


I don't know how it happened. It wasn't sudden but has taken place over the last year or so but what's done is done. I have become a monogamous knitter.

When I first started knitting, almost three years ago, I started off with one project. A scarf of course. I think there's a law someplace that says all people who start knitting must start with a scarf. But I digress.

I started with a scarf then another. When I really got into the swing of things I would do a couple of projects at a time. I'd have a scarf and a hat on the needles. I found, as I became more proficient, that I'd have two main projects that I'd work on, one being a knit that I'd have to pay a lot of attention to and the other would be something easy, all in stockinette, that I could knit while watching television in bed at night with Glenn. Sometimes something would get started and then put aside for some reason. Either I'd get stuck or bored with it so it would get tucked away into my yarn cabinet.

Last year, I believe it was around this time, I decided to fish out all my unfinished projects and get them done. It didn't take long because there were only a few but I got them all finished up. Initially it was a pain in the ass to get this done because I had to work through whatever reason I'd had for putting these specific projects aside. Once they were done, though, I had a great feeling of accomplishment but also a feeling that I didn't want to work on so many projects I didn't enjoy.

This past year I really became a sock knitter more than anything else. And I noticed that I like to knit just one pair of socks at a time, oddly enough. I don't know if it's that I'm more selective in my pattern choices, picking things that are easy for me or things I really enjoy knitting, or the fact that doing a pair of socks brings a sense of a finished item with each sock done. Whatever it is, I've gone from being a polygamous to a monogamous knitter.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We Have A Winner!

Wowsa! What a great response I've gotten for this giveaway! I see that everyone loves Blue Moon Fiber Arts as much as I do but then again, what's not to love?
Ok onto the winner. Drum roll please...the winner is


Amy's post was just randomly drawn as the winner. Amy please contact me with your information so I can get this great prize out in the mail as soon as possible.

Most of you have some great attainable knitting goals for this coming year. Here's hoping we all achieve our goals. Happy knitting!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


We live in a neighborhood rich with thrift shops. Within two blocks of our apartment we have five different shops. My sister used to regularly shop in them finding brand new shoes and bags at a fraction of the cost. She'd get $200 shoes for $30. I never really had a yen to check them out until now.

Glenn and I decided to go take a little walk and see what they had to offer. The first few shops really didn't have anything for me. The last shop we went to was a bit more eclectic so we looked around a bit more. I looked over to where Glenn was and thought I saw some yarn! I asked him to see if it was yarn and he responded that it was and brought me a couple of bags that I disregarded immediately as yarn I wouldn't use. The third bag however contained some goodies. Here's what it looked like in the store:

Yes that's Noro you can see there. And that's also a Dream In Color label visible there. And oh yeah...that's a six dollar price tag on that bag! Hollah! I knew this was a good score but I didn't know how good till I got home.

I opened the bag and there's two skeins of the Dream in Color Classy, one skein of Noro Taiyo, two balls of a lovely Rowan Wool/Cotton and five full hanks of a gorgeous lavender Noro Cash Iroha which is a silk, wool, cashmere, nylon blend. Score!

It's got to be close to a hundred dollars worth of yarn for six dollars!! And it's all yarn I will use. Glenn's already put in an order for a hat made in the Dream in Color. That's his finders fee. How cool is that? I'm just hoping it wasn't beginner's luck. Maybe next time they'll have a set of Addi Clicks for $20! Yeah I know I'm pushing my luck but a girl can dream!

Monday, January 3, 2011


In my opinion this is the best contest ever. Ok maybe it's just the best contest I've ever had. I know this is a contest I'd love to win! Anyway here it is:

It's a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock 100% superwash merino mediumweight sock yarn. Damn that was a mouthful! It's a mill end so it doesn't have a color on it but it's a lovely variegated green yarn. Along with it I've got a set of vintage Susan Bates size 3 Luxite knitting needles. I got these on eBay in a lot of needles and I was lucky enough to get two sets of the same needles. They're very retro looking. They're also the perfect size to knit up this gorgeous sock yarn!

How can you win these prizes do you ask? Why just leave a comment here telling me either your knitting new year resolution, your regular resolution or you can just leave any old comment you'd like to leave. If you Tweet about it, you get a second entry, just send me a link to your Tweet!

I'll be picking a winner on Sunday, January 9th at 6pm. Good luck!


Happy New Year! Hope you all had as much fun as I did this holiday season. Everyone got what they wanted for Christmas, and then some, and the kids vacation was a lot of fun.

I've decided not to blog about this past year's knitting but to tell you what my knitting resolutions are for the upcoming year. Why look back when you can look ahead?

This year I will learn how to do toe up socks. I know it's not a big deal but I have yet to learn how to do them. I've had to discard several sock patterns that I really like because I'm a knucklehead and I'm intimidated by the toe up process. No more. I refuse to be limited in my knitting by something so silly as a little toe up cast on.

The other resolution is to learn a short row heel. The short row heel and I have had a brief introduction that didn't go really well. As a matter of fact, it went so poorly that I traded it in for a heel flap without a backward glance. Not this year! This year I am determined to learn this technique and go on to make a lovely pair of socks with a short row heel.

These are my knitting resolutions for this year. I should make a third and finish that damn sweater that I started for my sister almost two years ago but I don't wanna push my luck. I hope my sister doesn't read this. She's been patiently waiting a long time for that damn thing.

Anyone else make any knitting resolutions? I'd love to hear about them.