Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tweeting & Fine Yarns

Hello. My name is Susie and I'm a Tweetaholic. I've been tweeting for a few months now and there's no end in sight.
I joined Twitter a while ago and left the account dormant until recently. I went on and followed a bunch of knitters, spinners and a few foodies. At first I didn't see the point in this and now I can't get away from it. It's so fun to see what everyone is knitting and talking about. Pictures are posted of projects and people say nice things to one another for the most part. I've been lucky enough to meet some other local knitters who I'm planning to knit with sometime in the foreseeable future and one I was lucky enough to meet yesterday!
Al and I wanted to check out a new lys, Gotham Fine Yarn, and I asked a fellow Tweeter to join us! Maria and I have been going back and forth commiserating on Twitter for a while now and I was really looking forward to meeting her.
First Al and I went to Katz's for lunch. Man there were a LOT of tourists. A word of advice to anyone coming to visit NYC. If you go to a deli, don't eat your pickles with a knife and fork and don't order a cheeseburger. Those scream tourist. Order either pastrami or, if adventurous, tongue and pick up the pickles with your hands. That's your NYC lesson for today. Ok then we went to Economy Candy which is stacked from floor to ceiling with all kinds of sweetness. Then we went to:

Rebecca, the owner, is a delight. She's sweet and smart and made us feel at home. The store is stocked with beautiful Noro, Madeline Tosh and Ella Rae to name a few. Needles and books are there too. She's just opened but the store is by no means sparse. Lots there and room to sit and knit! Maria joined us and was a doll. She fit right in with us and she and Rebecca even laughed at the song I sang them that my son made up. I had so much fun that I screwed up my sock and have to frog it. Again. This will be the second time I rip it down and find another pattern. I really need to pay attention to what I'm doing. I just have too much fun sometimes.
I'm hoping to get out to Brooklyn to meet up with Maria this weekend to do some more knitting.
Please make sure you enter my contest below to win some delicious Progresso soup, a couple of cool mugs and spoons.
Hopefully I'll have some knitting to show you next time. But don't count on it.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Yarn!

Saturday, the 17th was the first day of Rhinebeck. I really didn't think I'd be able to go so I was sulking around the house. Glenn suggested I get out to a yarn shop to cheer me up and cheer me up it did. I couldn't grab my bag and wallet quick enough. He was going to Brooklyn, so he dropped me and Patrick off down in the Financial District by Seaport Yarns. We get there and Andrea, the owner, was of course up at Rhinebeck but her lovely assistant, Lauren, helped us out. She said she had a yarn that was dyed especially for them for Rhinebeck. It was really pretty, rusty colors and a little dusky purple thrown in too. I told Patrick to look around to see if he liked anything and he found a fun Jitterbug yarn. Here they are:

The yarns were adorable and I can't wait to knit them up. I was lucky enough, as you know, to be able to go to Rhinebeck the next day and buy more yarn. I have a very patient, loving, generous and kind husband don't I? He puts up with my crap and that should tell you A LOT!
Today Al & I are going to a new LYS here in Manhattan, Gotham Yarns. It's down on the lower east side in one of my favorite neighborhoods. So it's lunch at Katz's then knitting with friends. Who could ask for more? If you're in the area, stop in. We'll be the loud ones.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Or Make It Yourself

Does anyone remember those old Progresso Soup commercials? Make it Progresso or make it yourself! I'm doing a little contest. One that is a bit unorthodox for a knitting blog but I thought it was cute.
I'm a big soup person especially in the winter. I was asked to do a giveaway on my blog for Progresso Soup through MyBlogSpark! Here's the deal and the prize. Just tell me what your favorite soup is and I'll pick a winner in a week on Monday, November 2nd. I'll send Progresso your information and they'll send you your prize which will be the following:

It's a can of High Fiber Chicken Tuscany soup, two large soup mugs and two spoons! I got them all in the mail today and they're lovely mugs with a great can of soup. The contest will end at midnight on Sunday and I'll post the winner on Monday. Good luck!

I'm Opinionated Too

One of the first times I sat in a yarn shop to spend time knitting, Allyson and I were joined by another knitter. I got frustrated with something and she said something along the lines of “there’s no crying in knitting.’ She then went on to tell me about Elizabeth Zimmermann and her book Knitting Without Tears. I eventually bought that book and The Opinionated Knitter. I’d skimmed through the latter, knowing that my knitting knowledge just isn’t up to her patterns yet.

Glenn and I went to Coney Island to knit and metal detect at the crack of dawn today. It was too cold for me so I went into the car and listened to WonderMike’s Fiber Beat Podcast. He interviewed Meg Swansen and it was a delightful interview and piqued my interest in Elizabeth Zimmermann. When I got home, I picked up Opinionated Knitter to actually read it. I know a bit more about knitting now than I did when I purchased the book so I wanted to give it a good going through and read her newsletters.
The pictures of her sweaters, hats and gloves were lovely and, I have to admit, I’m still a bit baffled by her patterns but I loved reading it. I felt like I was a dear friend she was writing to in her newsletters and her writing about her camping with The Old Man. I really enjoyed just getting to know her through her writing. The pictures of her reminded me of my Granny who came from Scotland and passed away when I was only twelve. She really touched me. When I read the end, where Meg writes about her passing away, which I had already known about, I cried. I felt like I was getting to know a new friend and then she was suddenly taken from me.
I’m sure there have been hundreds or even thousands of blog posts written about Elizabeth but I bet very few of them have nothing to do with knitting. I’m going to read more and learn more about Elizabeth and her way of knitting. Not because she’s so popular and everyone does it but because I really like her. She makes me feel that even I, a novice knitter, can make the beautiful sweaters she’s designed. And one day, I will.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

100 Things

I wanted to put this up as a link at the top of my blog but can't figure it out. I've had this list for months and just now decided to post it. I figure it's now or never. Here goes.

100 Things About Me

1. I think ice cream should be in the food pyramid.
2. I've been married 22 years. Nobody's dead. Yet.
3. I have two children both of the male gender.
4. My mother died when I was 25.
5. I hate to fly and have only done so twice.
6. My older sister is 16 years older than me and more like a mother.
7. I was born an aunt as my nephew is 2 years older than I am.
8. I had 3 sisters but one died.
9. I only knew my husband 5 months when we married.
10. My eldest son was a baby model and on the cover of Child magazine.
11. One of my sons looks just like me, the other just like my husband. The one that didn’t model, looks like me.
12. I love to sing and I do a damn good job.
13. My Kindle is my favorite gadget.
14. I learned to knit as a child and hadn't done so for over 30
years until last year.
15. I'm a casual gamer and have a PlayStation Portable.
16. I've lived in Manhattan most of my life, NYS all my life.
17. I love to talk on the phone.
18. I kick ass at Jeopardy.
19. I think Chris Rock is a comedic genius.
20. I get embarrassed for people on television, in awkward situations, and can't watch.
21. I was an extra in the movie Fame.
22. I'm a yarn ho.
23. I'm very funny although this list isn't a good example.
24. My best friend lives 1500 miles away and we've only met, in
person, once. Wah!
25. I was Stumbling (Stumble Upon Firefox add on) and found a
knitting blog that had socks. This inspired me to start knitting
26. I've met some great people at knitting shops.
27. I'm agnostic. Just in case.
28. I've never been to The Statue of Liberty. Or the Empire
State Building.
29. My sons think I'm a dork. I tell them I‘m a cool mom.
They don’t believe me.
30. I love anything lemon flavored.
31. If I'd had a girl, her name would have been Colleen Bernadette.
32. I miss my Dad more than words can say.
33. I've learned that boys always laugh at farts. Well into their
34. My current favorite restaurant is S'mac, a mac & cheese
restaurant here in the city.
35. I love knitting outdoors.
36. I'm a Harry Potter fan. Big time.
37. My favorite number is 3. Third daughter, born on the third in
sixty-three. That's August 3rd in case you want to send presents.
38. My husband makes me laugh, to the point of tears, at least once a day.
39. I love Natalie Dee’s cartoons.
40. I talk to my older sister at least twice a day on the phone.
41. I like the country almost as much as the city.
42. I'm fascinated by garden gnomes and have one guarding my
country house.
43. I have an herb garden.
44. My name, Susan, means a lily as does my Hebrew name
45. I'd never won a contest until recently when I won some yarn!
46. I can't sing in public unless I've had a few drinks. Sometimes it takes more than a few.
47. I cry at movies. Even if they're only a little sad.
48. I want to be cremated. My husband doesn't. He better live
49. I won't talk to celebrities when I see them out in public.
50. I'm really angry that they cancelled Life On Mars.
51. Love historic novels about Elizabeth I
52. My dad was from Scotland.
53. My mother was a native New Yorker.
54. Top Chef is one of my favorite shows.
55. My younger sister and I now have the best friendship we've ever had.
56. I'd love to see Kathy Griffin perform.
57. Pink is my favorite color.
58. My husband got me a cabinet to store all my yarn.
59. I love the sound of bagpipes. May be genetic.
60. Gracie, our lab/border collie, is the best dog. Ever.
61. My mother was Jewish, my father, Catholic. I have the
market cornered on guilt.
62. I hate that I can haz cheeseburger site. With a passion.
63. I laugh when people trip.
64. I love old movies. Especially ones with Cary Grant.
65. I once went to the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Never again.
66. My husband is a better cook than I am.
67. I love reading knitting blogs and have over two hundred
68. I got my license when I was 36 and didn’t start driving till I was 43.
69. I usually wake up between four and five am.
70. I started knitting a sweater for my sister and made a
mistake. I'm angry at it and it's in a bag in my closet and may
reside there for another couple of months.
71. My husband is the bravest man I know. Except when it comes
to flying insects.
72. Watching The Real Housewives of NY is a guilty pleasure.
73. I don't get the whole zombie thing.
74. I love playing The Sims.
75. My iPod is filled with disco.
76. I waited on line, with both my boys, for over two hours to
vote for Barack Obama.
77. I think one of the secrets to a good marriage is laughter.
78. I'm afraid to be at our country house alone.
79. I cannot believe how much food a teenager can consume in
one sitting.
80. I never got to meet either of my grandfathers.
81. I'm allergic to cats.
82. I say I don't like people but I really do. I love to talk and
laugh with others especially while knitting.
83. Some of my favorite movies are How Green Was My Valley,
The Quiet Man, The Right Stuff, Gladiator & Braveheart.
84. I lost one friend in the towers on 9/11. I was lucky.
85. My sister and brother in law own NYC Original Firestore in
Greenwich Village.
86. I love word games even though my best friend kicks my ass
regularly at Wordscraper on Facebook. I think she cheats.
87. I have an awful memory and have started making lists for everything.
88. I love anything written by John Irving. Especially Garp.
89. I found a cousin I never knew I had on
90. I love to nap but I can’t nap on my couch or I wake up angry.
91. I take great pride in my spaghetti sauce made from scratch.
92. It annoys me when people move to NYC for college, decide to stay and consider themselves “native” New Yorkers.
93. I can’t sleep comfortably unless my husband is sleeping beside me.
94. I could never get a pedicure from a man. It creeps me out.
95. Chunky peanut butter is my favorite.
96. I work well under pressure.
97. I really wish my best friend lived closer. I miss her being so far away.
98. Christmas is, by far, my favorite holiday. Not bad for an agnostic, huh?
99. I’m nearsighted and need glasses to drive.
100. Damn. I really thought I was funnier than this.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Knee Be Damned

I know I've spoken about how great Glenn is and here is, yet again, another example of this.
Sunday morning we woke up and the first thing he said to me was "Want me to take you to Rhinebeck, baby?" I told him how I was afraid my knee wouldn't hold up and I don't like crowds blah blah blah. He said we should go anyway and see how it feels and that, if need be, he'd push me around in a wheelchair.
So we went. Hollah!
Glenn, Patrick and I went leaving the sullen, teeth sucking, eye rolling but generally good kid, Glenny, home alone because he had zero interest in going. Boy did he miss out!
We got there and it was pretty cold and damp but that was fine. We talked to some people at the gate who told us that it had been packed the day before and you could barely get into some of the buildings. I was a little anxious about that but when we got in it was perfect. Not crowded at all. I don't know if that was because it was the second day or because of the weather. We walked and shopped and watched llamas leap which was Patrick's favorite part. The only disappointment was not being at the Ravelry get together. But I had the best companions in my husband and son and I wouldn't have had it any other way. Here are pics

This was the sign on the way that Glenn insisted on photographing.

Cool pumpkin carvings.


Lovely basket.

My loot consisted of three skeins of Socks That Rock, Aussi Sock, The Book of Yarn signed by the very sweet Clara Parkes and a lovely basket which I couldn't resist.
The food was killer. Lamb sandwich, lamb & barley soup and kielbasa was shared by all. Glenn took an interest in the spinners and he and I are thinking of taking a class together! All in all it was a great day for us all. There was something there for everyone. Even Glenny who got fudge out of the deal. I can't wait till next year. We're going to try to make it both days.
Oh and my knee held up really well. Good thing too. Glenn said there was no way in hell he was gonna push me around in a wheelchair in the mud. Ha!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


As you all know, the NY Sheep and Wool Festival is taking place this weekend up in Rhinebeck NY. Al has been telling me about it since she went last year and I haven't really had an interest in going. Until now.
Because of my knee and the facts that I don't like crowds or waiting in lines has made Rhinebeck not very appealing to me. Of course, when I know I can't do something, it makes me want to do it more. I've been on Twitter and everyone's Tweeting about it and I really want to go. I've gotten to the point that I asked Glenn if he knew anyone with a wheelchair! Talk about desperation. Someone suggested that I go on Sunday because the crowds are smaller so that may be an option. Today is the Ravelry meet up and I'm sorry not to be able to be there. There are so many nice people on Ravelry who I've gotten to know through their posts and their blogs. I'm sure everyone will have a ball today.
If I don't go tomorrow, I'll just have something to look forward to for next year. Maybe I'll hobble out to an LYS and buy something to make me feel better.
Hope everyone there has a great time and buys lots of smooshy, delicious yarn!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Me And My Baby Surprise Jacket

There’s a woman in my building having a baby and I wanted to make her something special. We’re friends and I wanted to make her something I hadn’t made before but wanted to make for a long time. The Baby Surprise Jacket. I’d seen these in every, and I do mean EVERY, knitting shop I’d been in. Al has made several. Every place I go, I see people knitting this up so I was excited to give it a go. Since my baby making days are over I kept an eye out for bulging bellies and an excuse to get this on my needles.
I found out my friend was having a boy and began the hunt for a nice yarn for it. I went to the Lion Brand Studio and picked up their Superwash in Sky. A really nice merino yarn in a lovely blue color. I purchased the book and I was ready to go.
When I saw the instructions I was a little taken aback. It wasn’t the normal pattern, as I’m sure you all know, and I was having a problem with it. I really need a line by line pattern. It’s just the way my brain works. Or doesn’t work for that matter. I’m the kind of person who needs to see things. If you describe a house to me, the way the rooms are arranged, I can’t see it in my mind’s eye. I literally need it drawn out for me. I felt this pattern was the same kind of thing, I needed it drawn out for me. But I figured I’d give it a go.
It wasn’t easy. I even got the cheat sheet but still had a hard time with it. People thought I was having a hard time because of the structure of the garment but no. It was the actual pattern I just could not understand.
Finally, after months of fits and starts, I got it done. This is the one time I was happy that pregnancy was a nice long nine months.
Everyone told me “Oh wait till you’re done. You’ll love it!” Guess what? I don’t. I know this isn’t the popular opinion to have but I just don’t like it. I mean it’s fine and all but for all the trouble I went through I just wasn’t impressed. This isn’t to say that everyone will or should have the same feelings about it that I do but I’m sure there are a few people ( I’ll take even one person) who feel the same. Maybe I’m just not experienced enough to “get it”. I dunno. I just know that I felt that the amount of work and angst I put into it wasn’t worth the outcome.
Next friend that gets pregnant is getting a baby blanket. A nice, plain, soft, square baby blanket.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Brooklyn Rocks!

Because of the torn meniscus in my left knee, I've pretty much been housebound so it heals. Well yesterday I broke out. Glenn and I decided to go to Coney Island for a while. He goes metal detecting on the beach and I sit on the boardwalk and knit. The boys are old enough to leave home alone for a few hours, so we did just that.
It was a beautiful day yesterday. Sunny but cool. Cool enough for me to wear my hand warmers! It was so nice to be out of the house I think I'd have been happy if it had been nineteen degrees and snowing outside. There were people walking and jogging up and down the boardwalk. I was happy to just be there knitting. Here's my sock in front of the landmark parachute jump at Coney Island.

Then we got hungry and decided to grab a bite. Glenn was nice enough to take me to my favorite breakfast (and dessert) place in the world:

Juniors! Home of the most delicious cheesecake. And their scrambled with lox and onions is fanfreakingtastic too. We had a wonderful brunch and talked and laughed. It was really nice to be away from the kids doing stuff we liked together.
I told Glenn about the NYC Yarn Crawl and he asked me where there were knit shops in Brooklyn. When I told him, he didn't hesitate in taking me there. He is truly awesome. So the first place we went to was Brooklyn General. There was a bench outside and Glenn asked if it was for the husbands. The woman who worked there told Glenn there was a comfy couch in the back for him if he wanted to sit. His theory is if you don't mind sitting in a yarn shop, you get the comfort of a couch. He chose the couch.
I was so happy to finally get to this store. I'd heard a lot about it and it was gorgeous.

They had a great variety of yarns and I could have spent all day there. The woman working there was helpful and sweet. I had a look around but didn't buy anything. I'd love to go back when I have more time and my knee isn't bothering me.
We then went to Stitch Therapy, another shop in Brooklyn. We met Kim there. Hi Kim! She has been going there for quite sometime and lives in the neighborhood. This store was small but very well packed. A nice variety of yarns and the young lady who worked there was helpful and very nice. I understand they're moving to bigger digs. Yay for them! Again I didn't have something specific I wanted to buy, so I didn't purchase anything but I was really glad I was able to go and check this shop out.

I was having some pain at this point so we headed home. I came home, put my leg up, whipped out my sock and watched a Bette Davis movie while knitting.
You ever have one of those days that's just perfect? Nothing special has happened but the person/people you're with are great and you're doing stuff you love. I've had a few of those days in my life where I just say to myself "this is the perfect day". Yesterday was one of those for me. Great weather, doing fun things and really enjoying the company I'm in. Thanks to my wonderful husband I was able to have a day I'll never forget. He rocks.
Oh and a word of advice. Don't knit with dpns on a boardwalk:

Those cracks are a lot wider than you think.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sockhead Hat Part Deux

I finally finished my Sockhead hat! I've wanted this hat since I saw Nancy Botwin wearing one similar and thought it was adorable. I guess I have an affinity for pot selling mothers. Here it is:

Isn't it gorgeous? The hat, not the kid. Well yeah the kid too. This is his "badass" look. Or as I like to call it his sulky, I just woke up, teenager look. He used to get paid $125 an hour to do this so I guess I should consider myself lucky that he didn't charge me. Back to the hat. It's the same one I had made from Cascade Heritage but the last one came out too small and went to my younger son. This is Trekking Hand Art and the colorway is called Ireland. Appropriate for the freckle face kid no? I think I purchased on Rav from someone destashing but I'm not quite sure. Here's another look:

This is a great tv knit. It was all knit while sitting and watching television with the family in the evenings. Four inches of rib then nine inches of stockinette. Does it get any easier?
I'm currently working on another pair of Laizy Maizy socks in Mama Lllama yarn in the Bella colorway, which is gorgeous. It's very fall looking with green, yellow, pumpkin, orange and brown in there. The colors are soft and subdued and really autumnal. I'm going to be sorry when this project ends.
Seems the cooler weather has brought my knitting mojo back. Yay!

Friday, October 9, 2009


More like that lack thereof.
I bought this gorgeous yarn over a year ago at Yarntopia. I actually purchased this so early in my knitting career that I didn't know there were different weight yarns. It's a sock yarn. I bought a sock yarn when I didn't even know you could knit socks. Brilliant. I couldn't resist it though. The colors are lovely and it has this light sheen to it.

It's got a bit more green to it than you can see here but the blue in it is true. I've had it in my knitting cupboard since I bought it. I take it out once in a while to look at it but then I put it back.
I've decided I have to do something with it now. It's been on my coffee table for a few days. At first I was going to make socks but realized that eventually they would wear out and this yarn is much too special for my feet. Now I'm thinking a shawl/scarf/lace kind of thing. But I'm not a lace shawl kind of person. I've been perusing websites and books for patterns to no avail. So I'm waiting to be inspired. And so far? I got nothing. I know it'll come when it does. And in the mean time, my yarn will be in my cupboard and I'll smile each time I open the door and see it there front and center.
Ok I'm gonna go put it away now and wait for lightning to strike.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Done! With Time To Spare

I did it! I completed my challenge! I even completed it early. I finished the seven hats yesterday and today was my deadline. Here they are:

I finished the last one last night and decided to take a break from knitting for a while. That lasted about two hours till I was watching television with my hands idle. I worked a bit on my Sockhead hat. I'm hoping to get these up to Annie & Company sometime in the next couple of weeks. I may even knit a few more hats between now and then. I hope that one person has read this and decided to knit just one hat for charity.
Al is coming over either today or tomorrow and I hope to then finish my BSJ. Then I may tackle my sister's sweater. I'm no longer angry at it and, at this point, just want to have it over and done with.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Here!

After I saw the Namaste Laguna I was all over Ravelry looking for one. Someone pointed out that the store Hip Mountain Mama had one of the bags on sale at 40% off. 40% OFF!!! I went to have a look and they had the Newport on sale. It's a lovely bag even if it's not exactly what I wanted. I cannot resist a sale. So here's what it looked like when I got it:

And here's what it looked like five minutes later:

Didn't take me long till fill up all that space did it? Actually it's not that full. I could probably fit a lot more in there but I don't have more to fit! This has my three LeSportsac make up bags I use to hold my needles and accessories, 2 knitting projects, my Kindle, my wallet, phone, keys and a magazine with loads of room to spare! Isn't it great? I'm very happy with it and love Hip Mountain Mama. The woman who runs it couldn't be nicer and it got here quicker than I could have hoped for. Please have a look at her site if you're shopping for a bag. She's got other stuff and the site is easy to maneuver. I'm waiting on another delivery but I'll tell you about that another time.
Oh and don't mind the salt and pepper shakers. I put them in for perspective. My son bought them for me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
I'm finishing up hat number 6 and today is day 6. One day and one hat to go!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Seven Hats In Seven Days

I've decided to challenge myself. I'm going to try to do seven hats in seven days for charity. Today is day four and I've just begun my fourth hat this morning. I'm doing easy hats. When do I not do something easy? I'm doing London Beanies and Dublin Beanies. They're similar with the Dublin beanie just being a bit bigger for larger sized heads. Hello honey! Yes, I started doing them for my husband who has a nice, round larger sized head. It's ten rounds of ribbing with six inches of stockinette then decreases. Sometimes I make seven inches of the stockinette for extra large heads. Hello again honey! Here's a photo of him wearing one of the Dublin Beanies I made for him:

Isn't that nice? And easy. Glenn loves these caps and I hope others will too. I did stripes in one but for some reason I always, and I mean ALWAYS, jack up the stripes. I've read about jogless stripes. I've watched videos about jogless stripes. I guess I'm just going to have to get used to being a jogfull stripe knitter.
Ok I'm off to knit and get this done. Wish me luck! I'm gonna need it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hats For The Homeless

The other day Glenn and I were sitting and chatting. I was telling him that I had a bag full of odds and ends yarn that I didn't know what to do with but didn't want to throw out. I decided I was going to knit some hats and donate them. I got started that day on a Dublin Beanie which I finished in no time. It's a knit I've done quite a few times so I know it by heart. Now I had to find out where I was going to drop off these odds & ends hats I was making.
The next day, while looking at other knitting blogs (one of my favorite things to do) I came across Claudine's blog in which she said she was trying to get one hundred hats done by Thanksgiving. How coincidental was that? The drop off for these hats is Annie & Company on the upper east side which is one of my favorite shops! I'm in. I have two hats done already and I'll be going up there within the next few weeks to drop off all I can make by then.
I also found out that Lion Brand Yarn Studio is having a hat & scarf drive for the homeless. If you donate there, you'll get a 20% coupon for your next purchase. If you don't live in the NYC area, Lion Brand has been so kind as to list links for other charities in your area.
I think this is a great way to use up those end pieces you may have laying around. It doesn't have to be fancy or intricate. Just made with able hands that may bring someone comfort who doesn't have a lot. It'll also free up some space. Christmas and Hanukkah will be here before you know it!