Sunday, August 30, 2009

Things I Learned While On Vacation

1. One knitting project and one knitting book are enough. I didn't begin, much less finish, one project while away.
2. Four hours in a car can be fun with your family. We went to visit my cousin in Massachusetts and had a lovely scenic car ride. And yes, we did have the kids with us.
3. Never let a lot of time pass before visiting family. We had a great time with my cousin and her family in MA and I'm hoping they'll come visit us in NYC soon.
4. Raspberry picking can be fun. Especially while sitting in an air conditioned car and the kids pick the raspberries.
5. When your husband goes out to pick potatoes, don't trust him that it'll only be a few potatoes or you'll wind up with twenty six pounds of potatoes. Yes. Twenty six pounds. Recipes anyone?
6. No matter how hard I try, I will not get service for my Kindle from my house and have to always drive to the bottom of our mountain. And no matter how many books I have on my Kindle, I always want to read one I don't have and will have to drive to the bottom of the mountain.
7. Talking to your sisters daily help keep you sane.
8. I can live without television or internet. For a two week stretch anyway.
9. The Terminator movies rock.
10. DVR is a great thing. I'm still catching up on my faves. Oh and Rick Bayless is the man!
11. If your son tells you his tooth hurts, don't tell him it's just a tooth coming in. Take him to the dentist right away even if it cuts your vacation short. (He's fine now with the help of some penicillin)
12. If I had to be on a deserted island with three other people, I wouldn't pick anyone else but my husband and two sons. I could go on and on with adjectives about them but suffice it to say that they make me happy and fulfill me. I can't state it better than that.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ribs Ruffles Repeat

Alliteration. It's a good thing.

I know I've knit this before but I needed a quick easy knit to do before we went away on vacation. We're going to be spending a few days with my cousin and her family in Massachusetts and I wanted to make something for her and her daughter, who looks exactly like her. What better than two Misti Ribs & Ruffles scarves done with alpaca? The second picture gives you more of an idea of the color but in truth it's more of a celery color and really lovely. This is such a nice knit and I did one per day so it was quick.
I've packed three different sock projects, a couple of knitting books and my kindle. I should have enough to keep me busy for two weeks. I've decided I want to do more reading about knitting instead of just looking at the pictures in the books. I guess I'm growing up. Somewhat.
My one year blogiversary will come and go while we're away so I'll do something fun to celebrate when I get back. I smell a giveaway!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Broadripple Socks

Finally some knitting! I've been working on these for a bit now and finally finished them yesterday. They're the Broadripple Socks pattern which I found on Knitty. They are just adorable and a nice easy knit. I don't know why I'm so intimidated by the gussets on socks because I've never had a problem with them. (I know I just jinxed myself and the next pair of socks will be a doozy) I knit these up pretty quickly then when it came to the gusset, I just put them down for a while. I'm going to have to learn to just keep on keeping on and if there's a problem, it can be fixed. I'm really happy with the way these turned out but I need to work on my photography. Glad I'm a better knitter than photographer.
As for vacation knitting, I've packed a few skeins of sock yarn for various projects. I saw these and thought they were adorable and may give them a go. I also have camo yarn to make Patrick a pair of socks to go with his camo hat, camo pants, camo shirt and camo underwear. A boy can't have too much camo right? Ugh. I also decided that some knits can be given as Christmas gifts and am going to attempt, drumroll please, the Ishbel by Ysolda. She has patterns for both a scarf and a shawl so I'll attempt the scarf. I ain't THAT brave. Those three projects should keep me busy for the two weeks we'll be on vacation.
Know what will be the best thing about vacation? When we get back, SCHOOL STARTS! Hollah!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Knit Picking

Or knit packing. Whichever you prefer.
We're leaving next Saturday for two weeks in the country which means no internet and no television. Which also means lots of knitting and reading. I'm trying to pack some knitting but I'm not sure what I want to bring. I'm working on yet another Dublin Beanie which is good car (read mindless) knitting and I'm just finishing up a pair of socks which I should be able to post here before we leave. I'm thinking just a couple of skeins of sock yarn and a sock book, or three, should be fine. I have my Kindle so reading is taken care of although I'd love to read some Elizabeth Zimmermann too. So many choices to make! That's why I'm starting a week ahead of our departure.
I got four pair of vintage dpns on ebay this week. Susan Bates and Boye sizes 1, 3, 5 and 7 for only five dollars plus shipping. Great deal!
This past weekend we had a family reunion which was great fun. Last year I found a cousin, we never knew we had, on and she came to the reunion. It's a long story but suffice it to say that nobody in our family knew about her. All our aunts and uncles are deceased so we don't know if they knew anything about her other than her father who was my father's brother. He knew he had a daughter and never told anyone. She had been looking for him for about forty years and put up a post on the web in 2001 which I found last year.
I was never so proud of being part of my family as I was this past weekend watching each and every one of my cousins approach our new cousin, welcome her to the family with a hug and kiss and tell her we're sorry she wasn't always part of our lives. It warmed my heart to see their unquestioning affection and excitement.
Between Marc being here last week and the family reunion this weekend, I haven't gotten a lot of knitting done but hope to make up for it over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I love presents. I would imagine everyone does. I especially love presents when they're thoughtful and things I really love.
This past week was my birthday. I won't tell you my age but let's just say I'm now closer to f-f-fifty than I am to forty. YIKES! Glenn and the boys got me a brand new pink laptop for my birthday. And Christmas. And my next birthday. I love it and it was really needed. Then I got a couple of packages in the mail from Megs. One contained fluffy deliciousness and I knew what it was. The other was a surprise.

How nice is THAT???
First we have a 16 oz coffee mug from CafePress which has my blog header on it. Isn't that a great gift? She knows I drink a big ole mug of joe every morning so this is just perfect. Even Glenn, who's a man and notices little to nothing, thought this was a lovely gift.
Then the yarny goodness. She sent me two hanks of sock yarn from Bare Sheep Yarn which she found on Etsy. The color on the right is Lil June Bug and on the left is Peach Ice Cream. For a change, the pictures actually DO the colors justice and they're true to life. They're both 400 yards or over and simply lovely. I can't wait to knit up some serious Cookie A socks with these bad boys.
This almost makes up for me not being able to go to Sock Summit. I really wish we had a north east equivalent for Sock Summit since I can't fly. Well not can't more like won't. I put something up on Twitter about an East Coast Sock Summit and got a lot of replies echoing my sentiments. Which brings me to my next subject.
Rhinebeck will be here in a couple of months! Good segue, huh? Since I've only been knitting a little over a year, I haven't yet experienced the wonder that is Rhinebeck. Al's been talking about it since last year because it was her first time and she loved it. I was looking at the schedule and the classes look amazing! Maybe next year I'll do a class but this year I'm going to concentrate on shopping for wool. Someone gave me a great suggestion. They said that because Rhinebeck is so overwhelming, I should concentrate on one specific thing like one color or weight of yarn. I like that idea. Not that I'll necessarily stick to it, but it's a good way to start.
I know it's still two months away but I'm starting to get excited already!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Busy Bee

I know I haven't blogged in a while but I have the equivalent of a note from my mother.
One of our nephews is staying with us for a week. We hadn't seen him since he was a baby but have been in touch with him and his mom for the last couple of years and we invited him to come to the big city to visit. What a delightful young man he is! Sweet, kind, intelligent and funny. He and the boys are like peas and carrots. They're really having a great time getting to know one another. Marc, our nephew, is a huge FDNY buff so we've been taking him to a few of the firehouses here in the city and he's having a blast. So are we truth be told. We also took him to the store my sister and brother in law own, The Original Firestore, where he was overwhelmed by all the stock they have for sale. We'll be back there again before he leaves so he can get one of their new memorial shirts for 9/11. If you're interested in purchasing one please visit their site and know that part of the proceeds are donated to the Widows and Childrens Fund.
It's just been a really busy summer so far so knitting has been sort of on the back burner.
I see a lot of people are starting "Christmas knitting." I don't know how I feel about giving knitted items as a Christmas gifts. I'm sorta on the fence about it. Unless something specific is requested, I feel like someone will take the mitts or socks or scarf I've made for them and tuck them away. Just my opinion. I've been known to be wrong. Once.
Next Saturday, the 15th, we leave for two weeks vacation up in the Catskills where I will be unplugged again. I should get a lot of knitting done then!
Hope everyone's enjoying their summer as much as I am!