Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summertime And The Living Is.... Wet

Haven't much felt like blogging lately which is unusual for me. I think it's a combination of the weather being bad, for weeks now, and getting into the groove of summer having the boys home. Also probably anticipation of vacation next week. Or laziness.
I watched Weeds last week and Nancy was wearing this really cool hat. It looked knitted and looked almost like part beret and part elf hat. It fit around the forehead then was long and droopy in the back. I tried to find something like it and the closest I came was this Sockhead Hat on Ravelry. It's a cute easy knit although now looking at my hat and the one on the blog, mine looks a lot smaller so it may be for Patrick. I think that's the reason I never swatch. With four of us in this family, something I make will always fit someone.
Going to Al's today for some outdoor knitting if the rain stays away long enough. Al has something that not many New Yorkers have. A backyard. Right in the middle of Manhattan. It's a lovely size and beautifully set up. If it rains, we'll just hang at her house and knit. I'll bring the BSJ with me to work on with Al's guidance and will, hopefully, get a bunch of it done.
Tomorrow will be packing up yarn and cleaning house before VACATION! Can't wait.
Oh and I found something on Ravelry. Something dangerous and addictive. The ISO and Destashing forum. It's great! I can go there and get some yarns, at a discount, that I normally wouldn't buy because they're a little too expensive for my abilities. I was initially surprised that the yarns weren't cheaper, to be honest, but I've found that a lot of people selling their yarns are trying to raise money for bills or necessities. I purchased four hanks of yarn from three sellers so far. I'm gonna have to be careful though. I could be on that forum all day and spend oodles of dough without thinking twice.
By the way can someone tell me why sock yarn is so expensive?

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OfTroy said...

sock yarn is as expensive as you want it to be.

I've gotten Lion Brand (old magic stripes) 100gm ball for a little as $0.50 a ball.
And calzetteria from Smiley's at $1 a ball (2 balls needed)

and Kroy, and Heart and Sole for $1 a ball (2 balls needed)

Knit picks has some buys on sock yarns, too.

when i am not so lucky, LB new Sock ease is a bargain (even at full price) and so is Kroy, and Heart and sole, (and Calzetteria ? Regular price at smiley's is just $3 a ball.

I have dozens (about 3 dozen!) pairs of socks, and some are lovely hand painted yarns (cherry tree hill, etc) but many are these bargain brands..

Sure there are special yarns, and they do look lovely, but even plain ho hum yarns can be made into WOW socks.. (my acorn socks (on ravelry) are Kroy jacquard stripes, and over dyed (mellow yellow) kroy solids.. a $10 (ok so $10 isn't cheap!) pair of socks.. but

the blue socks i just finished last night? $2! (almost done socks on blog)

and (also on ravelry) the $0.50 LB yarn? it was hideous.. (hot pink, lime green, red, blue and white..)
but overdyed a dark blue, and the green became teal, the hot pink, plum, the red, deep violet, the blue, navy and the white a medium blue...

They are one of my favorite pairs of socks!

Geek Knitter said...

My first BSJ was an exercise in faith. Gazillions of knitters had done it before, so even though the pattern was a wee... cryptic, I just kept going. I think I'm up the three now!

Have a great vacation!

Retro Housewife said...

That hat is adorable! I'm still waiting on that birthday wish list - someone I know is getting some sock yarn up in heah!

Maybe you should destash, so you can restash with the stuff you are craving.