Monday, September 29, 2008

Froggy Went a Courtin

Ok I had my first frogging. I don't even know if I'm using the term properly but, from what I understand, frogging is when you rip down a project because of a mistake that's not noticed until you've moved on. Well the hat got a hole. Then another. Then I miscounted a row so there was almost one whole row with one stitch off. I thought it wouldn't be that noticeable but as it got closer to the crown the mistakes were blaring. I've seen homeless guys with nicer hats. So I ripped the whole thing down. Feh. What can you do? By that time I was so sick of the hat I decided to try something else.
I've just begun a kerchief. I'm always looking for something to hold my hair back off my face and these are cute. I'm learning to yo (yarn over) which is going well. This should be a fun, easy and quick project. When I finish mine, I'm going to do one for my friend's daughter. She's got big poofy hair so this will be a great accessory for her.
I love YouTube. Anytime I have a question about knitting, I can go there and find a video explaining things to me. I really need a knitting mentor.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Hat

I've been working on a hat for myself for about a week. I cannot get through it for some reason. I'm bored with it. A hole appeared in it and I don't know how. I didn't drop a stitch or add a was just there. Also I made a mistake about a quarter of the way through it. I decided not to tear it down because it was so far already but now I'm regretting it. I don't know if I should try to hide it, or rip it down. Ugh. I'm just frustrated with it.
I'm also trying to knit a cover for my kindle. Just a long garter stitch scarf like piece that I'll sew together. I did a few inches then realized that it was too big. Ripped. Started over. Mistake. Started over. Dropped a bunch of stitches. Started over. Used the tail to knit with instead of the yarn from the ball. Started over. What a mess! I was THISCLOSE to throwing the whole damn thing out, needles and all. Took a deep breath and started again. I've got a couple of inches on the sticks and it's going well. Now.
I ordered a lot of needles on ebay. After a week I hadn't gotten my package. I contacted the woman and told her. She called the post office and they told her it had been delivered. I told her it hadn't. Apparently the post office screwed up. I know WHAT A SURPRISE!!! Well I wound up getting the package and meeting a very nice lady who wouldn't give up till I got what I paid for. Thanks Mickey!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Please Help Find Paige

Here's a link to a friend's site that was put up in hopes of getting information about her niece, Paige, who has been missing since Saturday, September 20th. Please go look and help out if you can.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knitting Help

One of the things I really love to do is Stumble Upon various knitting sites. I've joined a few knitting webs like Ravelry ( and Sit N Knit ( But what I really love is looking at the beautiful work that other people do. I love the colors and designs. It's like knitting porn to me. The Fair Isle designs make me drool. Woolly, who's here on my blogroll, makes the most beautiful hats for both children and adults. Ravelry has loads of patterns and picturs of projects other members have completed. I could spent hours just looking at the amazing things that others do. There's the problem though..I should be knitting! I think I'm getting frustrated that I can't do more just yet. I don't know if it's fear or a genuine inability to more than I'm doing now. I'm nervous about starting something I may not be able to finish.
I suggested to a couple of sites that maybe they could start a mentoring program - pairing up new knitters with more experienced knitters so they can form a relationship that would be beneficial to both. Obviously it would entail the more experienced knitter to want to help out a newer knitter but I think it could be a lot of fun for both parties. Then again, I could be delusional. I just really wish I had someone who could look at my work, give me feedback and show me a pattern they think I could do and help me through it if I get stuck.
I've gone to a couple of lys but haven't felt comfortable enough to ask for help or suggestions yet. I haven't been able to attend a Sit N Knit meeting because the times just haven't been right. Maybe I'll just plow through on my own with the sole help of YouTube and make it work. And thanks to all you ladies on YouTube who post those great videos!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Don't Laugh!

Here's my first attempt at a bag! It was also my first project with circular needles which I really did enjoy using. AND my first Icord! Lots of firsts with this project.
Ok now for the funny part. The handles are crooked. They're not centered properly because...umm...actually just because I was too anxious to have it done really. But because of my darling husband's superior photography talents, it looks pretty good.
For my next project, I'd like to use double pointed needles but I'm a little intimidated. It looks like there's an awful lot going on with them. I'm a little scared so I'm looking for a hat that uses circulars and dpns on the decrease. I'm feeling very confident with my stitches now so I'm ready to learn more with each project.
Ok I'm off to peruse all the lovely knitting sites to find a new project. Hope it doesn't need handles.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

And Then There Were Three

This is the last of the trio of scarfs I'm making for the children of my sistah from another mistah. (You ever meet someone in your life and just know that you must be related someway, somehow? Yeah, that's her) This one is for the Joodge. He's not yet two so it's a tiny scarf to keep him warm for now.
It was so fun making three totally different scarfs for three totally different kids all in the same family. I hope they enjoy them nearly as much as I enjoyed making them. Hopefully next year I'll be advanced enough to make them sweaters! Yah ok maybe gloves. I think I'm getting ahead of myself a bit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Circular Needles

I finished all the scarves and hats I can stand for now and was looking for something new to try that wouldn't be to taxing and scare me off.
I decided my next step should be trying circular needles. I found a 'pattern" for a bag which is really just casting on 96 stitches and knitting until it was the size I wanted. So I cast on and realize there's a lot of space still left on the piece of plastic that joins the two needles. I knit a row, turn it around and knit another row. I'm thinking this isn't right. Isn't one of the purposes of using a circular needle that you don't have to switch it around? You should just be able to continuously knit. So I go to my favorite tutor of all things crafty, YouTube. It really is a great source of information for knitters. You can look up just about anything for knitting on there and there will be an informative video. Ok so I get a video and first off I realize my cord is too long. I search in my bag of circular needles and find a shorter cord, attach the right needles to it's end and proceed to transfer my two or so rows to the shorter set of needles. Add a stitch marker and I'm good to go. Now It's just round and round. Granted, the bottom couple of rows are garter stitch and the rest is stockinette, but it's going to be a bag and that will be at the bottom so it shouldn't be too bad.
My ultimate goal is to do socks. That's what made me pick up the sticks in the first place. I'm now comfortable enough with the basics to move on. Today, circular needles. Tomorrow who knows? Maybe DPNs!! GAH!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Basketweave Scarf

Here's a picture of the completed basketweave scarf. This is for the older brother of the new owner of the frilly scarf. I have one more to do because there are three beautiful children in this family whose birthdays fall on three consecutive days.
I really enjoyed making this scarf and it looks beautiful. The picture truly does not do it justice. It's lovely purple color and it really does look woven.
The next one I'm making is just a garter stitch scarf with a lovely blue/cream yarn.
After that I'm going to have to branch out and try something a little more difficult. I think I may go to Ravelry and peruse the patterns there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Never Again

I know most people have a Wordless Wednesday. I don't believe in those. I'm too much of a chatterbox. This is one day though that I'll say as little as possible.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I haven't had much time to knit the last couple of days. I've been busy with house stuff and kids. My son got some kind of a virus on his laptop and I tried to find it, couldn't, decided to reformat his hard drive only to realize I dont' have all the disks AFTER wiping his hard drive. I thought after the kids went back to school, I'd have more time but so far, not so much.
I AM thinking about going to the sit n knit get together later this month though. I wish I knew someone I could go with so I didn't feel like a total dork. We'll see.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Basketweave Scarf

Ok here's another scarf. It's a basketweave scarf which I've never done before. I know I know..another scarf??? Yeah another scarf. Even I'm getting to the point where I'm asking myself if this isn't getting boring. I'm still a little unsure about my abilities as a knitter to move on from easy things like scarves and hats. I wish I had someone close to me who was a master knitter who I could go to for advice. Yes I'm on Ravelry and I go to quite a few sites to look at other women's work but it's not the same as having someone sitting next to you and guiding you. Maybe I'll actually get up the courage to go into a yarn shop and have a seat and talk for a while to some of the women there.
As for the scarf. It's a Nako wool blend and it's purple which doesn't show up too well here unless you enlarge it. When you see it in person, though, you can see the blue and red throughout the whole piece. It really is a lovely yarn.
I have one more scarf to do then I'm going to try something a little more adventurous. I'm thinking a cap a friend of mine requested...the newsboy kinda cap. We'll have to see.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Here it is! The finished scarf. I just did the garter stitch (knit) for the whole thing since you can't see the stitches anyway. This picture really does not do it justice. It really is lovely in person. I think next time, though, I'll use this yarn as an accent on a garment. It was really tough to work with but well worth it. Also I think there may be a better way of photographing my projects. Our camera is new so I'm not very good with it yet. I guess reading the manual would help, huh?

I've started another scarf. A basket weave design. This is a lot of fun. It would be MORE fun if my lovely model and assistant hadn't lost my row counter. I'm off to a yarn shop to get a new counter. I think I'm gonna go to Knit on East 14th Street. I've been there twice so far and it seemed nice enough. Then off to the country for the weekend. Hopefully when I get back I'll have another completed project to show you.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Girly Scarf

This is the beginning of the scarf I mentioned before...with the poodley yarn. I know it looks like a mess but when you see it and hold it, it's much better than it photographed. I'm making this for a friend's daughter and I'm hoping that it's nice and girly. I don't know from girly. There's enough testosterone in this house to choke a horse. Looking at this pic, MAN, it looks like hell. I hope it turns out better than it looks.

In other news, I finished another seamans scarf and cap for Pat. The seam came out better but the scarf came out a bit crooked. I should have measured it with a measuring tape instead of holding one side up against the other. Oh and learn right?

Monday, September 1, 2008

My First Hat and Scarf Set

  1. Here's a picture of my first hat EVER paired up with a scarf. My husband liked my son's scarf so much that I had to make him one. This was made with Nako yarn which I purchased on Craigslist for $1 a skein! YES just $1! Needless to say I purchased about 70 skeins all together on two separate trips to see the nice woman who had the ad up on Craigslist. So this set cost me about $3. The hat was really easy to make. It's not knit on dpns or circulars, I'm still a little too scared to use those, but just regular needles. I had such a great sense of pride and accomplishment when I was done with this set. It looks so nice. Oh except for the seam in the hat that's a LITTLE crooked. Just a smidge. Something to work on for next time.
    I'm currently working on a scarf made from Nako Portofino yarn. It's very poodley looking and a little difficult to work with but so far, so good. I had tried to use eyelash yarn but that was a fiasco and I only cast on then pulled it immediately.
    A couple of days ago I read about the NYS Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. It looks like a lot of fun! We're (we being me and my family) thinking of going up for the day. It looks like it might have something for everyone. Here's the link: