Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seaman's Scarf

Here, once again, is my supah model, Patch, showing off my first seaman's scarf! I was looking at different scarves and came across the pattern for this one. It's very easy yet looks difficult. It's made to be worn under a pea coat, hence the name, and it lays flat while being gathered around the neck. I made this for my elder son who loves the color red. My husband saw this and fell in love with the design. I secretly made him one and knitted my first hat to match it. He wigged when he saw it. I'll show that in my next post.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm wondering....

if it's possible to learn all there is to know about knitting solely from books and the internet. I've purchased several books, Knitting for Dummies, Idiots Guide to Knitting and Crocheting, Stitch N Bitch, to get me started. I've gone to YouTube to see videos of how to cast on and bind off. I've gone to countless blogs to see what other people are making (most of which I am in dumbfounded awe). I've joined Ravelry which I visit daily but don't participate much on.
Would it be easier to join a group? Go to a SNB or Sit N Knit gathering? I think I'd feel awkward there. I'm a 45 year old beginner. This isn't an age which is comfortable beginning anything. I feel as if I'd be more of a hindrence to a group. Would I be welcome? Would I be helped? Or would I be looked upon as someone looking for an easy way out by bothering those more experienced than I?
For now, I think I'll stick to what I'm doing until I feel more comfortable in the knitting community. Comfortable enough to join it in a social setting.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Let's Start At The Very Beginning

Well I never thought I'd be doing a knitting blog. Up until about 2 months ago I never even considered knitting again, to be honest. I was Stumbling and found a cool knitting website that featured socks. I was blown away by them! They were so brilliant and beautiful! I had to do this...I had to start again and learn how to make those. Eventually. Hopefully this blog will chronicle my journey from a noobie to a full fledged knitter.
My mother was a knitter. She didn't do it often. I remember her making us sweaters when we were kids and I never saw her knit again until, about 10 years later, when my sister was pregnant with her daughter. Then my mom was off and running. I think she probably knit a half dozen sweaters, and matching hats, during my sister's pregnancy. I vaguely remember her teaching me but I don't think I did much knitting at that time. Then when I got married, my sister in law taught me how to crochet. I did a couple of afghans but lost interest in that after a few months.
After seeing the sock blog I decided to start at the beginning. I looked online for how to knit sites and videos. I went to one of the many yarn stores we have here in NYC. I picked up a couple of skeins of yarn and a set of needles. I came home, watched a video of how to cast on and started. The cast on was weird. I knew how to do it. I just started casting on without really watching the video. I guess it's like riding a bike...once you learn you don't forget. I just started knitting a scrap to see what I knew. I knew how to knit and purl. Holy! I couldn't believe I knew this. It was weird doing this...having this long buried skill. So I started knitting. I've made a few things in the last few months. Not much. Scarves and one hat so far. I went onto Ebay and bought lots of knitting needles for a pittance. I have a zillion needles now, probably more than I'll ever use. Straight, circular, name it. Even my youngest son, who's 11, has taken it up!
Well here's a photo of my first completed project. I'll post more later as I go on. Thank you to my most beautiful model, Patrick, who I love and adore. Man that fringe is a lil long isn't it? Oh well. That's the point of this show my growth. If there is any.