Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Rhinebeck 2016

Ahhh Fall is in the air. The heat is dissipating. The nights are getting chilly. Means only one thing. It's time for NY Sheep and Wool or as it's so fondly called Rhinebeck!

Glenn, Brigit and I piled into the old PT Cruiser for our yearly trip on Sunday to do some serious yarn shopping. This year was special though. This year I was going to meet Jen. Long story short - Jen was the lovely woman whose blog I saw eight years ago that inspired me to start knitting. She was blogging about sock knitting and I was hooked. She and I have been in touch over the years and she's spread her wings far and wide. She's now a pretty famous, as I like to call it "knitting" famous, knit wear designer. She has some gorgeous patterns which you can find here or check out her blog here. This was her first trip to Rhinebeck so we were going to meet up.

As soon as we got through the gate, we ran for the Miss Babs booth. She's the hottest indie dyer these days and she does a special Rhinebeck colorway so it gets a little cray at her booth. We got there, Glenn got on line, I made my way into the crowd, and Brige directed me as to what yarn she wanted. We were successful and got exactly what we wanted. After that, believe it or not, we already needed a quick apple crisp and cider break. After our delicious snack we got to steppin yo and purchased everything our little yarny hearts desired. Here's a photo of everything I got:

If you're interested in specifics, you can check out my stash on Ravelry. Then it was time to go meet Jen at the Ravelry meet up. While there I saw some familiar knitting faces like Jess & Casey who are the owners of Ravelry, Ysolda who is a designer and a few others that looked familiar. I turn my head and see Jen making her way to us with a big smile on her face! She looked so cute and so excited to meet me. It was so fun to see she was as excited about meeting me as I was about meeting her.

We talked for a little bit and got to know each other which was so great. Glenn told her she owes him a lot of money since she's the reason I'm a crazy knitter (my term not his) and she just giggled. She was so cute! I did get a little sappy, as I tend to do, and thanked her for changing my life. Months before coming across Jen's blog I had lost my Dad. He and I were very close and his passing devastated me. Knitting brought me out of my grief. It kept my hands and mind busy while my heart healed. Without seeing Jen's blog, I don't know what I'd have done. I wanted to let her know that her writing and creativity inspired me to keep going, keep productive when all I wanted to do was stay in bed and cry. We hugged and I invited Jen to come early next year, because you know once you go to Rhinebeck you can never skip one, stay in NYC with us for a night or two so I could take her out here and try to pay back all she's given me. Well she and Glenn. She's been my inspiration and he's the darling man who bankrolls this obsession of mine.

Another great Rhinbeck. This one was more special though because of Jen.

Monday, October 3, 2016


A while back a good friend of mine, Roseanne, contacted me to let me know she'd be in town soon because her brother's wife was having a baby and she was throwing her a baby shower to which I would be invited.

The first thing I thought, of course after being thrilled about seeing my friend, was baby knitting! Even though I don't know Roseanne's sister-in-law, I did know two things. I knew that she'd have cold feet in the hospital and that the baby would need knitted goods.

I made my favorite Cabled Hat & Mitts set and Eyelet Ribbed socks. The socks are a good gift to make for someone you don't really know because the ribbing will fit almost any width foot.

Yesterday was the shower and I had a great time. Great food, great drinks and, most of all, great people. But I have to say the best of all was when Alini opened my gift. Her whole face lit up, she looked over at me and said "Oh did you MAKE these?" when I said yes she clutched them to her and thanked me. After she opened everything up she came up to me to tell me how thrilled she was to have something handmade because her sister and her mother knit but they're far away. She's European, I'm not sure where exactly, and she doesn't see them often. Getting that thanks and seeing how much something handmade means to someone makes knitting all the more fun for me. I told her if she wanted anything else handmade, I'd love to make more stuff for her baby. Her heartfelt thanks made me so happy I'd knit a wardrobe for that baby!

I think it's really a gift when you find something you love doing as much as I love knitting. It's an added bonus when you can share the outcome with others who appreciate it and understand how precious it really is.

Monday, August 22, 2016


A new yarn shop opened in Brooklyn this weekend. It's cleverly called Woolyn! Glenn and I decided to go and check it out.

We first went to Sweet Chick for brunch. Glenn had a hankering for chicken and waffles and it seems we picked the perfect place. We had a lovely brunch and then head out to see all the yarny goodness at the new shop.

Here are a couple of pictures of the shop. I love the set up. They've got a great selection of all different yarns, a big table to sit and knit and a full kitchen. The people working there were so sweet and helpful. I really wanted to buy a skein of the sock yarn they had specially made for them, called Woolyn, but I promised myself no more sock yarn. I did wind up with a couple of goodies though:

It's Invictus Yarns and the colorway is Grey Flannel. Lovely colors, soft but strong worsted yarn. I also got a little tub of moisturizer in a lavender scent. All in all a great time. I wish them the best of luck with this endeavor!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Making Mistakes Since 2008

I have some gorgeous yarn from Blue Moon's Socks That Rock sock club. I was a member last year and didn't use all of it. One of the colors, Feelin' Groovy, was Patrick's favorite, so I decided to knit him up a pair of socks. I found the Charade pattern, actually I think I've made it before, and thought it would be a perfect match.

An easy knit. At one point Glenn was checking them out and thought they seemed a bit thick. I assured him it was fingering weight but the pattern made a nice thick sock. Here it is:

Cute, right? So I have the first one done and cast on the second one. Patrick was home last night so I ask him to try it on. It's so tight, he can barely get it over his heel. I waffle between giving it to someone else or taking down the damn sock, all the while cursing the pattern. I try it on. No go. Back and forth. Finally I decide that the yarn is just too cool to give it to just anyone, I'll take down the sock and knit up something else. All the while cursing the pattern.

For shits and giggles I dig up the yarn label. It's not fingering weight. It's sport weight. The pattern is fine. Great in fact. And I got a name for this blog post.


I'm a firm believer in karma. You do good, you get good. What you put out, you get back. Good or bad.

I met Karin on Twitter quite a while back. She and I got to meet in person a few years ago when she came to NYC. We had a knitting date down in Purl Soho and really got along. Over the years she's been so very generous and kind to me. Now I'm hoping to repay her kindness.

Karin has opened an Etsy shop, Corda Bella Yarns, selling her beautifully dyed yarn! I ordered a skein, I couldn't resist, and Karin sent me two skeins for my birthday. How nice is she? Here they are:

This is Summa and the color is Sea of Air. It's 100% Superwash Merino/490 yards and so very soft. I've already had two relatives call dibs on this yarn. Guess I'm gonna have to get some more.

Summa also in 30 Seconds to Mars. This one is mine!

This is Lana, color Sorbet. It's a 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere & 10% Nylon blend, 435 yards. Needless to say, it's so soft and the colors are so pretty.

If anyone deserves success, it's Karin. If you're looking to try something new, something lovely and be supportive of our indie community, order something from this shop. You won't regret it.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Orleans

When Glenn and I were talking about vacation this year, our first in a while, I threw out the idea of New Orleans never thinking he'd agree. Agree he did! We booked a room at the Maison Dupuy (I highly recommend this hotel) and put our butts in gear. We spent a week there and it was amazing! I won't mention the heat because locals don't want to hear how hot tourists think it is - they already know. Otherwise it was perfection. The hotel, the food, the people, the drinks and, most of all, sharing this experience with the person I love most in the world. Here's a taste:

Breakfast every day we were there.

Deanie's Seafood. A must!

Our waiter was nice enough to take this photo for us at Eat New Orleans.

And of course yarn! I went to The Quarter Stitch which was a lovely yarn shop very close to our hotel. This is Mountain Colors dyed just for the shop in the color, what else?, Mardi Gras! I liked this so much, I went back to get a second skein so I can make Glenn a Sockhead Hat so we can enjoy New Orleans all winter long.

I cannot tell you what a great time we had. Home almost two weeks and I'm still smiling. Thank you New Orleans!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mistaken Rib Cowl

A friend of Patrick's is leaving for college this September. She loved the package I made up for him so I'm making one up for her to keep her warm during the brutal upstate New York winter. This is the first item I've completed. It's a Purl Soho design called Mistake Rib Cowl. She loves grey and black so I thought Malabrigo's Garden Gate was a perfect color for her. Here's my son, Glenn, modeling for me.

I'll be making a few more things for her and I'll share them as I finish. I really love the Purl Soho designs. They're simple and beautiful with easy to follow directions. I did make this a smaller size because I wanted a tighter fit around the neck. Onto a pair of socks next!