Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Match Made In Heaven

If you've spent any time on my blog, you know that one of my all time favorite yarn dyers is Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Aside from the amazing quality of yarns they have the colors are fantastic. I love that they do seasonal yarns too. I especially look forward to their Christmas releases. Last year I made a pair of socks for Patrick from them. This year I wanted to find something for me. This year I chose their Holy and Ivy color. Here it is:

Another of my favorite things, a new one, is the Fiberista Yarn Club. I got my first shipment last month, which I shared here, and I just got my second shipment yesterday. As a matter of fact, I got it the same day as my Blue Moon shipment. Here's my club yarn:

Umm...look familiar? Here check this out:

How funny is that? They're not exact but they're damn close! The yarn from Fiberista is Destination Yarn and the colorway is Stockholm. This just shows me that Fiberista is the club for me. Second package from them and I'm thrilled with both. I thought last month's package was going to be hard to top but they did it. If you're interested in checking them out, you can go here and see if it suits you.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Lambing Mitts

Saw this on Ravelry and had to make a pair. I love that they're made long so you can wear them folded over or pull them up so they cover your fingers. A lot of times, when wearing fingerless mitts, I find myself balling my hand up because my fingers get cold but I wear them so I can use my fingers. These are Lambing Mitts and the free pattern can be found here.

Worsted weight yarn, size seven needles and they're done in a few hours.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Celtic Mittens

Last winter it was hats, this year it's mittens.

It started getting chilly lately so when I got up to walk Grace, I put on a hat and grabbed for mittens and I didn't have any. Not. A. One. A few pair of mitts but nothing with closed fingers. Gave me a chance to make a pair of mittens I've had my eye on for a while. They're the Celtic Moonrise Mittens. I used Manos Del Uruguay Maxima in Sand. Love them!

The first mitten was a little on the short side but I added a few rounds before starting the decreases on the second mitten and they're great. Also I didn't do the thumb as written, I improvised my own. If you're interested, I put the instructions in the notes section on my project page. I forgot how much I love doing cables. I'm winding up a bunch of yarn and going to start searching for more cabled mittens.

Oh I also wanted to show you a photo of my gorgeous niece, Deborah, wearing her Sockhead Hat!

The best thing about knitting for someone else is when it's really appreciated. Deb was just thrilled with the hat and socks I made her. It's getting really cold upstate where she lives so she was so happy to get these.

Ok I got a bunch of yarn to wind and some leftovers to eat!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deb's Woolies

As previously stated, when my niece Deborah saw what I'd made for my niece Joyce she looked at me with that look. You know that look. That look that says "Come on Aunt Sue. You do for one, you do for all!" Without her saying anything, I knew I had to make her a hat and a pair of socks. She made it clear that she didn't want the same colors as Joyce's were. Deb likes more subdued, muted colors. Did a little stash dive and came up with some goodies. Actually the dive wasn't deep because I picked out two yarns I'd just purchased from Rhinebeck.

First we have Primrose Yarn Company's Helix yarn in Java Bean. The pattern is Diagonal Rib Socks by Ann Budd. I've made this several times and it's one of my favorites. So easy but has a really nice texture.

Next we have a Sockhead Hat. I've made a bunch of these lately. Once someone sees one, they want one. Of course I'll make it for them if they ask nicely! This was a bit different because I used alpaca yarn. I love working with alpaca and knew it would be perfect for this slouchy hat.

While I was making this hat I realized that this was probably the tenth Sockhead hat I'd made and I didn't have one for myself! Yeah I'm working on that now. I loved the one I made for Glenn so much using Miss Babs Yummy in the Rhinebeck colorway that I wanted to use one of her yarns for my hat. Here's the yarn I'm using for my hat. The colorway for this one is called Believable.

Can't wait to finish this one! Next I have to make mittens. I realized that I don't have one pair so I'm going to pick a pattern and rectify that situation.

Sunday, November 8, 2015


I love surprises! Actually it depends on the surprise. The ones that scare me and make me pee a little? Not so much. Yarny surprises? Oh yah.

I've been checking out different yarn clubs. I was looking at the ones that put together packages of different yarns every month with a little added surprise and that weren't too pricey. I narrowed it down to a couple of clubs that had sock yarn clubs and that seemed reasonable. Actually after receiving my first package I wouldn't call it reasonable, I'd call it downright generous.

Fiberista Club has several different yarn memberships you can go with. You pick a club,pick a color scheme which can be changed, pay monthly and just wait by the mailbox! This is what came yesterday:

Spud & Chloe Fine Sock yarn, in Black Pepper, which is 248 yards each of 80% wool & 20% silk and a lovely Fiberista Club project bag. The yarn is stunning. I've always wanted to try Spud & Chloe but, for some reason, I thought of sweaters when I wanted to buy it. Not anymore! I really am just thrilled with this package. Not only is the yarn fab, the bag adorbs but it's a great, no amazing bang for your buck.

I'll be asking Glenn for a year's membership of this for Christmas and will give a few months as a gift. I couldn't be happier with this and I suggest you check it out.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Two For The Price of One

Today I have two quickie projects to share with you. Both of these I made with yarn that I purchased at Rhinebeck this year.

Here's a the Red Rasta Cowl I made using Good Karma Yarn in Seafoam. The label on the yarn said it was chunky but I didn't see any other chunky sized yarn in other stashes on Ravelry. Dunno if it's a new size they're making but it's fantastic.

These were taken when Glenn and I went to his old neighborhood in Brooklyn. They have amazing restaurants out there so we took a trip out to have dimsum for breakfast this morning.

Here's an old standby of mine. It's the ever popular Sockhead Hat. This has become Glenn's favorite hat so I've knit a few of them. It's made with Miss Babs Rhinebeck 2015 colorway that was so popular this year. I heard people were waiting on line for up to four hours to buy this yarn and I can understand why!

There's enough of this leftover that I may be able to make a little something for myself.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Last Chance Knitting

This will be the last thing I knit for myself for a while. My niece, Deb, asked me to make her socks and a hat, Glenn loved the Miss Babs we got at Rhinebeck so I've started a Sockhead hat for him and then there will be some Christmas knitting.

These are the Classy Slip-up Socks. It's a very easy four row repeat. And it's free! I love how the pattern and the yarn, Socks That Rock in Oceana, together make the socks look like they're plaid. Well to me anyway.

Brigit and Nicole both loved the socks so I sent them the link and I'm sure we'll all be wearing a pair of these this winter.

I cast on Glenn's hat and will soon be in search of a hat pattern for Deb. She usually likes a slouchy one so I may just do another Sockhead hat or a Rikke. I've made both of these quite a few times. Hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.