Saturday, April 12, 2014

If It Ain't Broke

I have a tendency to do patterns over and over again. If I like something, I really like it. You'd think with all the thousands of patterns on Ravelry I'd venture out a little further but I'm the type who knows her strengths.

This is all a lead up to my current project. A lovely couple who lives in my building is expecting a baby this summer. I'm making the Cabled Baby Hat & Mittens I made for my niece a few years ago. I love that the mittens are thumbless because I remember wrestling with babies and toddlers to get that damn thumb in that little hole. Here's what I got:

The other mitten is on the needles as we speak. I used ArtYarns number 6 I believe, I've since lost the label. Easy knit and really adorable.

Next up is a pair of socks for my nephew who has been in and out of the hospital lately. I thought he could use a nice pair of cozy socks to remind him of home and the people who love him and are rooting for him.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Stripe Study Shawl

Last we spoke I was doing the Stripe Study Shawl in a variegated and a blue color. After doing a good portion of the shawl I felt that the blue was getting lost in the variegated yarn so I had to switch it up. I should have listened to Rich who told me from the get go to use an orange, that wasn't in the variegated yarn, or a yellow. I then conferred with Kate who also said yellow. So into the stash I dove and here's what we got!

I absolutely love it! Upon completion it looked a bit small but after blocking it was perfect! I love the shape, I love the pattern and I really love the colors. Of course, I've finished it just in time for summer. My timing sucks.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Shawl Along

Brigit and I are great knitting companions. We both like to primarily knit socks. We like the same yarns. Heck we've bought quite a few of the same yarns and say Oh we'll do a knit along with a sock pattern. Well the time has come for a knit along but, surprisingly, it's going to be a shawl instead of a pair of socks!

We decided on the Stripe Study Shawl by Veera Valimaki. We decided to use a variegated sock yarn, which we both have plenty of, and a solid. Here are the yarns I've chosen:

Lovely, no? The variegated in Sanguine Gryphon Eidos in Andromeda. The solid is Anzula Cloud in Denim. Brigid chose a similar variegated but it's Blue Moon Fiber Arts and a gorgeous orange as her solid. While we were out knitting with Kate this week we were talking about our KAL and we asked her to join us. I've never done a KAL before so doing it with two women I love and whose knitting skillz I admire, is going to be great fun.

Tomorrow is cast on day. I'll keep you updated on our progress.

Monday, March 10, 2014


See these socks?

They're obviously identical but I can't figure out why it took me three weeks to make one of them and only three days to make the other one. The first one took a long time. I just couldn't get through it for some reason. When I started the second one, I was determined to put my nose to the grindstone and get them done quickly. I started the second sock on Thursday, finished them on Sunday and wore them on Monday.

They're the Treillage Socks by Anita Peluso on Ravelry. Love the look of these. An easy but unforgiving knit. Because of the pattern, you cannot make a mistake or it would be glaring. Needless to say I had to rip one of them down one time but was a lot more careful afterward. The original is done in a variegated yarn but I chose a solid, Sanguine Gryphon Eidos but not sure of the colorway, and I'm happy to say it looks just as gorgeous in either color.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Christmas in February

Megan always gets me the best gifts for my birthday and Christmas. Gift certificates usually for yarn shops. This year she got me one for The Verdant Gryphon and one for The Loopy Ewe. I decided not to spend them right away and wait for something to come up that I really wanted. Since I follow them both on Twitter I kept my eyes open to see when new things came in. The other day Verdant posted that some new colors came in and I was all over it. Here's the haul:

They yarn is Eidos which is 420 yards of superwash merino and is my favorite of the yarns they make. On the left we have Sacred Alder and on the right we have Pebbles in the Stream. Love these colors! They had both been out of stock so I was lucky to snatch them up.

Now the other gift certificate was for The Loopy Ewe. I have to say that this is my favorite online yarn store. They carry great indie yarns, needles, bags and almost everything else that has to do with knitting including Wollmeise. Now if you're not familiar with Wollmeise I'd understand. It's a gorgeous yarn made in Germany and really hard to get here in the US. From what I understand, The Loopy Ewe is their only American distributor. I've been lucky enough to snag a couple of skeins through the destash group on Ravelry but haven't been quick enough to get some from Loopy Ewe. Until now. One of my Twitter knitter friends, Karin, whom I've met in person and is an absolute sweetheart, told me that if I follow Loopy on Twitter, they announce when they get shipments of Wollmeise in. I already followed them but started really looking for their Tweets. Low & behold last week they Tweeted that they had a new shipment in and ready to sell. I go to the page and they had about 18 different colors of Wollmeise! I was so excited that I'd be able to actually choose what I wanted and here's what I wanted:

It's their Twin, which is 80% wool & 20% nylon which is my favorite ratio of sock yarn. The colorway is Suzanne and, believe me, the photo does not do this yarn justice. I kept my eye on how quickly the Wollmeise would sell, and within an hour they were down to 3 colorways so you have to be quick!

So the trick to buying Wollmeise is to follow them on Twitter and as soon as you see that it's in stock, get there quickly so you have more choices.

Now I just have to find a pattern worthy of such gorgeous and hard to get yarn!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine's Hat

Last week we had a Twitter knitter meet up and a lovely time was had by all. We wound up at La Casita and I purchased a skein of Malabrigo Rios in Ravelry Red. A perfect purchase considering Valentine's Day was right around the corner!

I came home and looked for a pattern on Ravelry and found the High Line Hat. An easy knit which, I discovered, can be worn on either side. I knit it up and just to let you know, I knit the knit stitches through the back loop. I think it gives a more crisp look and it's really no more difficult than a knit stitch.

That's Patrick modeling for me. He's such a good boychick.

Working on socks for me now and I'm enjoying the knitting. Hopefully will have something to show you soon!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

P Is For

Patrick and pink. A few months ago Patrick came home with a "gift" for me. It was a skein of pink yarn from Lion Brand Yarn Studio here in Manhattan. I thought it was so sweet and thoughtful of him to get me yarn. Until he said he bought it so I could make him a pair of socks. So the yarn was mine on loan basically. I finally got around to making his socks this past week and here they are:

They're the Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku. As stated they are simple and a quick knit. Or would have been quick if the kid wasn't wearing a size eleven and a half shoe!