Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rare Gem

If you haven't tried Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns, you really are missing out. I think this was the first sock yarn I ever purchased and I've loved it ever since. I'm doing my second year of their sock club, which I obviously love, and this year I decided to purchase one of their Rare Gems. I think this only occurs once a year when BMFA sells what they refer to as Rare Gems and there's a theme. This year was Air, Earth, Fire & Water. I purchased a skein of the Water in lightweight and I couldn't be happier.

If you like this, you can go to their site and get on the mailing list. This way you'll be notified of not only the Rare Gem releases but all other sales and special events. As you can tell, I love this yarn. In my opinion, they are one of the top three yarn companies. Great colorways, which change seasonally, gorgeous product and great customer service.

Now I gotta figure out what this is going to become!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Go Rangers!

Patrick and his Dad are huge Rangers fans. I wanted to make Patrick something he can wrap around him when he's upstate freezing his ass off in Buffalo while watching the Rangers play. I looked for the perfect sized blanket which was a little difficult because I didn't want to make a baby blanket or a twin sized blanket. This one is just great. It's called Fresh Stripes Throw. The stripes were in blues but Patrick's clever girlfriend suggested I do it in red, white and blue which are the Rangers colors. Not only is she beautiful but smart too!

The photos don't show how large it is but since everyone's sleeping or awake, I didn't have someone to throw it around.

It was supposed to be stealth knitting but Patrick's a smart kid. He figured out it was for him and he's thrilled. Now I just have to keep it away from him till he leaves for school.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Still Learning

I love the Farmer McGregor socks by Alice Yu. The first time I made them, for my sister, I found them a bit difficult to make but they were so beautiful it was well worth the time I put into them. I made them again and it seemed a lot easier the second time around. These too were gifted. This third pair were for me. A breeze but one problem. I ran out of yarn. I've never checked yardage making socks before because I've always had more than enough yarn for the pattern I was making. So much so, that I've given away bags and bags of leftover sock yarns. Well it caught up with me. About halfway through the second sock, I realized I wouldn't have enough. I was using Madeline Tosh yarn so I knew a perfect match was going to be near impossible. I figured I'd take what I could find. I went to the Ravelry de-stash group and found someone was selling a skein in the color I needed. The color is off but it's just the end of the toe so it's not a really big deal.

The socks are gorgeous and so comfortable, I just love them. You can see the toe color is off but I can live with that. You can bet I'll be checking yardage from now on though!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Girlfriend Cowl

Patrick's girlfriend has a birthday coming up. She's sweet, beautiful, smart and funny. Definitely knit worthy. I must have had her on my mind when I went yarn shopping last because she loves black clothing. I picked up this Shibui yarn in Tar and found the perfect pattern for it. Tiny Flowers. I've made it before and loved it so much, had to make it again. Come to think of it, I think Patrick swiped the first one I made!

The only thing I would change is maybe going up a needle size. It's a bit dense and thick but it's fine.

Here is May's sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock sock club.

I'm really loving the colors they're making this year! They remind me of my childhood - the colorful years of the 60s and 70s. I can't wait to see what I make from this!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

College Knitting

I squeezed in some knitting for myself before getting to college knitting. Here's what I've made for me:

This is made with Miss Babs yarn and the color is called Celebration. I can't believe this but I can't remember the name of the pattern! Yeah getting old sucks.

This is the Jeck pattern, which I've made before, and it's knit in Miss Babs colorway Biker Chick. A couple of years ago when we went to Rhinebeck, I'd made a promise to myself - I was only going to buy yarns that I'd never tried before so I could give other yarns a chance. Walking by Miss Babs booth, I saw this yarn and my resolve melted away. I had to have this yarn! It was definitely worth the twenty minute wait on line.

One of my nieces came down for a visit and I showed her my secret bag of knitted goods I was working on for Patrick when he goes away to school in September. He's going to University of Buffalo and he's going to need a lot of goodies to keep him warm there for sure! She looked at me and said "You know, Aunt Sue, it's going to be cold where I'm going too." So off to the yarn shop we went and she picked out some yarn for cowls and mittens. Then she went through my stash and picked out yarns for socks and hats. Now I'm working on two college stashes! Of course I don't mind. Both of these kids love and appreciate whatever I make for them. Selfish knitting will be put on hold and college knitting is going full steam ahead!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Icefishing Weekend Woolies

My darling sister in law invited us up for a weekend of fun, family and icefishing. We packed up the boys and their girlfriends and headed upstate!

I had been knitting gifts to bring up for months so I had socks, cowls and hats to give away. All were greatly appreciated and looked so cute on them.

Here are my adorable niece and nephew wearing the Rikke hats Auntie Susie made for them.

Their mom said that her son, who's actually my grand nephew Patrick, loved his so much he was wearing it around the house all the next day.

It was a great weekend of eating, drinking, fishing and most of all love and laughter. Family weekends like this are just the best.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cold Winter

Since it's been such a cold winter, I've had a lot of knitting to catch up on and I sure did. I made a few hats for me, a few for Patrick and a couple of cowls. Glenn was nice enough to be my model today so I'll share everything I've been up to the last few weeks.

Rikke Hat

Rikke Hats with modifications by The Rainey Sisters

Wurm Hat

Raglan Cowls

Now that everyone's heads and necks are warm I'm back knitting socks. Just in time too - seems I've been wearing them out in groups so I need to fill out my sock drawer.